5 Best Open Source CMS for Web Development

In the present era of digitization, a website is a basic requirement for any organization or entrepreneur. It provides many valuable benefits that help to compete in this technological world. For an organization, a website will assist your business to reach a wider audience and help in doing innovative marketing. For an individual, it helps to promote himself or his views by sharing content in different forms (text, video, audio, etc.). So, a website is an important tool for professional as well as personal growth.

The advancements in web technology helping everyone to build their own website without spending cost and time. Some of the tools out in the open-source world don’t even require much programming skills to design or build a website. Through this article, I’m going to share the top 5 open source tools that are helping professionals and individuals to build their own websites.

1. WordPress CMS

wordpress CMS

WordPress is one of the widely used most popular content management systems (CMS). This tool helps any person on this planet build a website as per his requirements. This tool consists of different plug-ins that help the users to automate their tasks like email marketing, content publishing, and more. In the world of blogging, WordPress is the first choice by most bloggers to start a website.

WordPress also provides pre-built themes for different categories of websites, depending on the designing it provides a free and paid version of themes. In the end, if you are well at programming then you can develop your own custom themes. You can read this WordPress review for more features and insights about this CMS.

2. Drupal


Drupal is one of the leading CMS that is open source and has continuous development support from widely spread communities. It supports front-end as well as powerful back-end frameworks for at least 2.3% of websites worldwide. Drupal is known as a very powerful content management framework that develops personal blogs, government sites, stock websites, etc., It consists of different modules for task automation and distinct free themes.

3. Joomla


Similar to WordPress and Drupal, Joomla is also a widely used CMS for publishing web content. It is a freely available open-source tool that builds exciting websites with low code. The Joomla is built on the model view controller web application framework, which is used independently on the  CMS. It also consists of different free and commercial extensions to automate the tasks of the websites.

4. OpenCms

OpenCms is a java based web development content management system. This tool is distributed by Alkacon Software under the LGPL license. It is a browser-based tool that consists of features like asset management, user management, workflow management, and so on.

5. Prestashop


Prestashop is an e-commerce based CMS, that is free and open-source to build any type of e-commerce website. This CMS is available in 60 different languages and supports 250, 000 shops worldwide. It consists of various modules that extend the functionality of the software and have basic themes to complex themes.