Picture-in-Picture (PiP) – A new feature in latest Operating Systems

Picture-in-Picture is the new trending functionality cramming into every device. Started with iOS, now PiP getting into Android and Windows. So, What exactly PiP? How come users benefit with this feature? And Which apps support Picture-in-Picture?

Recently, Android Oreo announced that it is rolling into an inbuilt feature called Picture-in-Picture. And all eyes fell on this short three letter word PiP. Hereafter, every Operating System maker is attracted to this functionality and started including in the latest upgrade.

What is Picture-in-Picture (PiP)?

Picture-in-Picture is a functionality that enables the video to play along with other currently running applications. The video will be played in a small rectangular media player and the user can work on other application simultaneously. Therefore, it emphasis the multitasking functionality of the device.

How can this feature be activated?

There are no special tweaks in the setting of the device to activate this functionality.Whenever the video is playing, you can come to see a small icon with a rectangle inside another rectangle.All you have to do is click on the icon and the player gets compressed to a small rectangle. Finally, the video plays as it played before along with another application running background.

Is the feature advantageous to the users?

Yes, it is! The feature really helps the users in many ways.Such as,

  • It gives the ability to multitask – by running parallel apps simultaneously.
  • The video will not stop playing when you switch to other apps.
  • While video chatting, you can switch to any third-party app to check the information without closing video conversation.

Which operating system is supporting PiP?

In 2015, iOS 9 has started supporting PiP in its iPad device.Recently, Android Oreo(i.e., Android 8) also announced the inclusion of in-built Picture-in-Picture support.Moreover, Windows 10 new creators upgrade also bringing in the name of Compact Overlay.Almost all tech giant is supporting PiP, and it is going to be the hot feature in coming days.

Which apps use the PiP?

Not all operating system supports Picture-in-Picture in-built feature, the third-party apps need to use this feature.

Some of the operating systems and third-party apps that support Picture-in-Picture

  • iOS – facetime, Video
  • Android Oreo – Chrome, Youtube
  • Windows 10 – Skype, Film & TV app

Recently, Whatsapp also announced to cram the PiP into is the latest upgrade.

What are the final views on Picture-in-Picture?

Most of the users think the feature PiP is a gimmick by the tech companies.But it is really an amazing feature that helps the User in distinct ways.So, Picture-in-Picture is a genuine functionality that assists users and it is one of the best features in the recent times.