What is a Firewall and Why do you need it?

Most of us have heard of the word firewall at some point. There are many misconceptions about firewall which we will clear today. If you are running any of the modern and popular operating systems, it is very likely that you have a firewall enabled.

What Is a Firewall?

First of all, in a firewall, there are no flames or actual wall involved which is obvious.

A firewall is basically a shield that is meant to protect your Computer, Smartphone from various malware present on the Internet.

Every time you browse a web page, a series of requests are sent by your browser to the respective web server in the form of data packets. The role of a firewall is to keep a close eye on these data packets and determine if they are safe or not.

The firewall finds the tampered data packets by following the rules which are set up. Depending on these rules, the data packets are either rejected or accepted.


Here are a few reasons why you should have a Firewall enabled.

To protect your computer

Many malware on the Internet enables an unknown man across the globe to have control over your computer. This is easily one of the worst situations you can ever face and a firewall actively stops something like that from happening.

To Play Games Online Safely

Online gaming is very common these days and everyone loves to spend some time relaxing. But, there is various malware which targets the online games existing on various compromised or unsecured game servers.

You can block unwanted content with a firewall

So far we have only talked about the ability of the firewall to block various dangerous content. But the firewall can do more than that. Other that protecting you against ransomware, a firewall allows you to block various online locations of your choice.

Even though the firewall does a lot, it is still ineffective against various viruses, keyloggers, and worms. So, it is safe to say that a firewall is your last resort. You should always use it along with a goo anti-virus tool.