If you want to become a good web developer, but you are confused about what to do and how to start? This awesome chart created by kamranahmedse, will help you to decide what to do next.  The chart shows various paths that you can choose and the technologies that you need understand in order to become a frontend developer, backend developer or a DevOps.

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1.  Introduction

2. Front-end Roadmap

3. Back-end Roadmap.

4. DevOps Roadmap

You can find the original copies of the chart from Github


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    Bhupender Singh Reply

    Hi . i like your blogs specially related to programmings…
    and plz help me about i want to learn front-end web dev. and i am totally confused from where i have to learn.. i just completed “HTMl and CSS part-1” from codecademy.com and confused what to do next,.. i only got the basic knowledge of “HTML and CSS” so what i have to do next plz help me…

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      Learn more about html and css, make a couple of pages with it and go to JavaScript basics.

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    Thank you for your valuable resources keep share the information like this…

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