Moto Z2 Play Review, Is it worth Buying?

Let us review the Moto Z2 Play, the second generation of Motorola’s popular mid-range phone that they released last year. As Moto Z2 play is the successor of Moto Z Play, we will compare the Moto Z2 play with Moto Z play.

The biggest difference this year is that the phone has a slightly better camera and a somewhat brand-new design. Is it still worth it buy the phone?

Moto Z2 Play Review

The biggest difference between this year’s model and last year’s model is the design of the phone. Last year it was one millimeter thicker, but they decided to shave off a millimeter and made it a little bit thinner to hold in hand. Now, there are consequences with shaving off the thickness which the phone is going to lose some battery life. Overall it feels nice and looks stunning to hold.

The Moto Z2 Play has no water resistance whatsoever which is okay, as this is a mid-range device. There it is splash proof which is good and also dust resistant. The fingerprint scanner on last year’s model didn’t have capacitive buttons. The new fingerprint scanner which is great by the way is they allowed you to use gestures on the fingerprint scanner to move around the operating system. The phone has 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM.

There is an audio jack(they removed it on the regular Moto Z).

The phone feels big compared to the latest smartphones that are currently on the market. They have reduced bezels, reduced the size in your hand, so the phone is a lot easier to hold.

Don’t expect too much of a difference when it comes to sound quality. The device is not using a mono speaker on the bottom of the phone. It is not using dual speakers; it is still even that same front facing speaker which is on the front of the device. It is still not the loudest speaker on the market now.

The new Snapdragon 626 processor which is about 15 to 17 percent faster than last year’s Snapdragon in 625. We can’t notice much of a difference regarding performance, but it performs well for everyday tasks like checking an email browsing the web and even playing games. The phone is great to get stuff done. Phone software is still the same, Motorola does a great job with software. They keep everything nice and clean with stock Android. They only add a few tweaks that are useful.

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The screen on the Moto Z2 play is still 1080p, full HD but it is AMOLED, and the device is not that bright so when you are outdoors in the sunlight. We need to handle up the brightness to see everything, but it is an excellent screen. Snapdragon 626 inside is not powerful enough for a 4k display, but 5.5 inches 1080p is fine.

The camera, one of the things they improve this year on the Moto Z2 Play. It is a little bit better they reduced the megapixels down from 13 to 12. Reducing megapixels is not worse, but they increased the aperture to F 1.7, so technically you should get a little bit better low-light. 5MP Front Camera.

This is what made the Moto Z Play last year a huge success. This is what everyone talked about it. It had two-day battery life you can go on forever. Last year it was around 3500 milliamps, this year it is a little bit smaller because they reduce the size of the phone. It is still good, but you are not going to get that amazing two-day battery life.

The Bottom Line:
The Moto Z2 Play is a fantastic smartphone does all the basics right for a mid-range phone, good display, good battery life (even though it is not as great as last year). It has decent sound, great design. The phone is priced at ₹27,999 in Flipkart.

Now the question is it worth buying?
Yes, if you are going to or wanted to purchase a new good looking, stylish, powerful smartphone this phone doesn’t disappoint you.

No, if you want to upgrade your phone.

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