What You Should Know About Ruby On Rails

Rails is a web application framework that works with the Ruby Programming language.  Ruby is considered easy to use and a lot of fun to write.  It’s not really clear if Rails was the first web framework for Ruby but, to date, it’s the most sought-after.  By removing unnecessary codes, developers can create an application much more easily.

Originally, Ruby was not designed to use on the internet until the development of Rails.  This has allowed Ruby on Rails development companies to write Ruby applications that become websites.

Why New Developers Like Rails:

Ruby is a much easier language to learn and therefore great for beginners.  Beginners can spend more time analyzing the fundamentals of programming instead of spending time on coding.

Rails is very powerful and will do most of the hard work for a beginner.  That said, do not skip ahead of yourself,  otherwise you will not fully understand the various fundamentals you should learn along the way.  As a developer, you need to learn Ruby on Rails from the beginning to the last step.  As with any coding, you must become comfortable working within the program in order to improve your programming skills.

You will need to know various basic terms such as object orientation, data types, and debugging.  You can work with Ruby web apps using different frameworks, but it’s advisable you learn Rails.  Once you have become comfortable with Ruby, it will be time to start learning Rails.  Actually, the time you spend learning Rails will be through writing in Ruby.

So Why Learn Rails?

Rails was designed to allow you to write excellent coding, even without prior experience.  Rails is the perfect answer if you want to build excellent web applications that are scalable and easy to maintain.  With Rails, you can build an app and have it up online within a few hours.

Even though you cannot build apps for mobile devices, you can create a web app in Rails and have it operate as a back-end for a mobile device.  Again, you cannot build apps to place in app stores, but it will be a very important part of the entire project.  Rails is a framework, Ruby is a programming language and together they work perfectly!

Is It Difficult To Learn Rails?

Within a few months, you should have a solid understanding of Rails.  To actually master Rails, will take some time to totally capture.  So, if you want to pursue it, you should get going as soon as possible.

If you want to be a programmer, you must learn HTML and CSS beforehand, and both are very easy to pick up.  Ruby and Rails are excellent places to cut your teeth in programming and will be worth your time.

Developers will strongly suggest that the best way to start learning these two platforms is having a project to work on.  Once you get started, there will always be questions as you move through the project.  Get the support of someone more advanced who will help you understand and discover the rhyme and reason of building and finishing the project.

Hard work and persistence will bring you to the place you want to be. You will eventually gain the success of many new projects as you continue to grow.

An Added Note:

Many beginners have questioned whether they need to know JavaScript to learn Rails.  No, you do not. That said, you are going to need JavaScript as a developer, so it’s wise you learn it as soon as possible.  When you progress through learning other languages and frameworks the easier they will be to learn.