Very soon, in a week, without exception, the saga of Star Wars fans will flock to the cinema to see a continuation of the history of their favorite characters called “Star Wars: The Awakening forces”. In order to pass the time before the premiere of the film, perfect game Star Wars: Battlefront, developed by Swedish studio DICE with deep respect to the source, and great attention to detail. I have carefully studied it and is ready to share with you my opinion.

If you are a fan of the franchise Star Wars, then you already know that Star Wars: Battlefront, which I’m going to tell you is not the first game with this name. The first Battlefront released in 2004 for PC, Xbox and PS2, and now the game has developed disintegrated studio Pandemic. In 2005 came the continuation – Star Wars: Battlefront II, which will continue to develop the idea of ​​the first game. But then in franchise history was a pause in a long long ten years. New Battlefront authored DICE is not the continuation or re-issue of the original series of games. Rather, it is a complete rethinking and attempt to start with a clean slate.

The game greets you familiar logo of Lucasfilm and minimalist main menu, where old friends droids C-3PO and R2-D2 quarrel among themselves. I was literally flooded memories, when I, as a boy, with glowing eyes staring at the pirate video salon fourth episode of Star Wars, thinking to myself, how and where I might have missed the first three? In the films of George Lucas he had everything to fall in love with them once and for all. And developers of DICE tried to carefully transfer the atmosphere in its new game.

Basic modes in the game are two “jobs” and “Multiplayer”. “Jobs” include mission, designed for 1-2 players, which will resist the bots running artificial intelligence. Here you can take a full course of study that will help you get comfortable with the game mechanics and study the control of various vehicles. You will pass on the speeder bike through the jungle planet of Endor, in the X-wing fly over canyons of Tatooine, learn to control fighting machine AT-ST, and even be able to experience the dark side as Darth Vader, attacking the Rebel base.

Once you have finished training, I recommend to try yourself in the “Quest” where you can fight against bots, or his friend, as well as in the “Survival” in which you will have to repel the attack waves of imperial soldiers and military equipment. It is important to note that a cooperative game with a friend can be both on the web and in the mode of Split Screen, which will certainly please fans of “Divan rest” before the big TV. All in the game you have access to four planets, which are deployed in the vast battles: Hoth, Tatooine, Endor and Sallast. Additional planet will be issued in the form of DLC.

Of course, the main fun Star Wars: Battlefront lurks in the game on the web. In total nine players available modes are actively exploiting online. Describe in detail each of them I did not take it, because it would require more than one material, and more. But I would like to briefly describe at least some particularly memorable to me personally. For example, “Hunt for a Hero”, where one of the players randomly become Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia, and other participants, acting as Imperial stormtroopers, try to win this hero. He killed him, he becomes a hero, and begins to fend off enemies. The winner is the first one to kill the maximum number of opponents in the allotted time.

Another similar mode called “Heroes vs. villains”, invites players to split for two teams of six people, consisting of three heroes / villains and three ordinary soldiers. Heroes I have listed just above, but as the villains are the Emperor Palpatine, Boba Fett and Darth Vader. Each hero and villain has a set of three super-powers, Vader, for example, is able to throw a lightsaber, strangle enemies with “force” and to rush forward dramatically, cutting the opponents to pieces. Boba Fett is able to fly high above the ground on his dzhetpake and Palpatine crushes the rebels with the help of lightning. As for positive characters, then they also have their own special skills. Princess Leia, for example, is able to create an energy shield around him, protecting her from the shots, and Luke Skywalker zalihvatski reflects the rays back to blaster fire.

The game was a place for the classic mode, without which no cost, no modern network shooter. Mode “Excellence” allows to come together in a fight for territory two teams of 20 players each. Each team must capture key points on the map, gradually pushing the enemy back. “The battle for Georgia” – an analog of the popular mode “Capture the Flag”, where the player has to get on base and steal the opposing team out valuable cargo, and then deliver it to your base. In «Zone dropping” and “Capture the Droid” you have to capture and hold the capsule falling from orbit or slow walking droid, the only difference is that in the second case, the target is constantly moving. In the “Real” on the battlefield converge two teams of 10 people, and the winner is that to shoot a certain number of enemies in the allotted time for the game.

For each game you get local currency “loans” as well as increase your rank, which opens up access to new weapons and other nice bonuses. Speaking of bonuses: In the game there are a lot of so-called “Star card” that can be equipped on your character in the amount of no more than three pieces at a time. These cards allow you to enjoy various advantages in combat, for example, by one card, you can not worry about overheating your weapon in battle. Another map will provide you with “jump packs” with which you can jump over tall obstacles. There are cards that your character is assigned a particular class, such as “bodyguard”, “scout” or “bounty hunter.” Each class has a number of advantages and disadvantages, so you have to carefully examine them to find the most suitable option.

Of course, the game cards are the money that you have to earn a difficult battles on distant planets. In addition, you can not directly access all of the cards, you must first reach a certain rank. Each star map can be pumped by investing in it money, thereby increasing its effectiveness. However, we should not forget that the effects of most cards only lasts a certain time, and then have to wait until they restore their energy reserves. Number of the use of certain cards is limited, and when it reaches zero, you will need to look on the battlefield special bonus, which increases the number of performances, or increase the number of play money. By the way, I have not noticed in the game able to buy that same currency for real money. Maybe just a bad looking, maybe publisher EA has listened to the players who are fed up with intrusive micro-transactions. If so, then just take off the hat in front of them.

Online on the battlefield and then you will meet various glowing logo. Collecting them, you can get access to powerful weapons, such as the call strike from orbit, ask the headquarters of transport, for example, the X-Wing or the AT-ST, or turn into a key protagonist of the famous space saga. I will never forget one of his match when he and comrades-rebels rushed to the attack on the enemy through the narrow corridors of a military base, and then noticed that past me in the opposite direction ran scared and out of breath, Luke Skywalker – all my fighting spirit immediately kuda then evaporated. Even if the Jedi flees, it could be me today not to go to work? Such moments of great variety to gameplay and a lot of amusing you.

I specifically drew an overview of the game, to wait for the first free add-on “Battle for Jacchia”, which was made available to players the day before yesterday. This is the tenth in a row network mode, transporting players into the thick of the fierce battles of the empire and the rebels in the desolate planet Jacchia. The action takes place against the backdrop of the earth collapsed Star Destroyer that only gives what is happening on screen, more epic. By the way, this planet Jacchia 30 years after the battle, we shall see on the big screen in the movie “Star Wars: The Awakening forces”, so to learn the history of this place will not prevent any fans of the series.

The game has its own system of achievements for which the player will receive a collectible figurines of your favorite characters. For example, if you are playing for the heroes killed 250 enemies, you will be given a figure of Darth Vader, and if used all star maps and shoot from each weapon in the game, you get a figure of Boba Fett. All figures obtained are exposed in a special section of the game “Diorama” on a background of static scenes, where you can always consider them carefully. Collect the complete collection of characters and art will be able only the most hard-nosed players, as some incredibly difficult to achieve.

Say what you like, but the quality of the graphics in Star Wars: Battlefront is beyond praise. Engine, Frostbite 3.5 shows his best side. Crystal clear picture, high frame rate without subsidence, photo-realistic textures, impressive special effects and high range of drawing. Fantastic Planet, which we had seen only in the movies look like the real thing. No, of course, there are some flaws, for example, the bodies of dead enemies you disappear after some time that several violates realism of what is happening on the screen. But it’s the little things, because where else can you fly on a “Millennium Falcon” or wrap the rope legs sluggish AT-AT, knocking him into the snow? Definitely, we have one of the most beautiful games of the outgoing 2015.

As for the sound and music, here I had mixed feelings. Famous songs like “Imperial March” and the title theme Star Wars series authored by John Williams perceived by your ears just to cheer. Shots blasters, lightsabers flapping noise proletyayuschih by fighters, heavy breathing of Darth Vader – it all seems so family that touches you without ceasing. But when it comes to Russian voice, it is here that the magic ends. After a small personal investigation, I was horrified to discovered the awful truth. For the Russian scoring game publisher hired Star Wars fans of the Russian division of the “501st”, as well as popular Russian videoblogerov Golopolosova like Maxim, known to many because of the show “100 500”. Well, what else to add? And everything would be fine, except that I have not found on disc original voice in English, causing depressed and even a little gash.

Another drawback of the game is a pronounced imbalance of some network battles. When you first start playing, and you confront high-level players, hung with cool modifications and pump guns, you have a chance to survive, to put it mildly. Play with you especially do not stand on ceremony, he throws to the epicenter of the battle, where literally every second enemy is committed to demonstrate its superiority over the pathetic recruits the most unpleasant manifestation of the word. No, I’m not complaining about the difficulty of the game. Just a few sad for beginners, which may deter such unfriendly games against them.


  • Star Wars: Battlefront – one of the most beautiful games of the year.
  • Elegant music of John Williams and friends since childhood sounds.
  • Ability to play with a friend in split screen mode.
  • You can feel like a hero beloved fantasy saga.
  • An impressive number of network game modes for all tastes.
  • The system of “Star card” perfectly refreshed game mechanics.
  • As I was looking for, but never found the game micro-transactions.
  • Some epic moments simply can not but admire.
  • The developers approached the creation of games with love.


  • Lack story campaign lubricates the impression of the game.
  • Some sad lack of balance in the network mode.
  • Russian voice was very dubious quality.

Star Wars: Battlefront – a very high-quality game that covers just two target audiences: fans and Star Wars fans of online shooters like Battlefield. You will surely be impressed by the scope of the battles and the enormous size of the game cards, and only when you listen to the radio in the phrase: “For you to come to the aid of Captain Solo” – and do you think that “that’s what it – happiness!”. A large number of modes of the network and the ability to play with a friend on a split screen – that’s great, but the soul of fan requests story campaign with a deep story about the struggle between good and evil. But that’s just the whole story in the game is not delivered. And like everything is extremely high quality and made ​​with great love to the source, and the aftertaste remains a strange, like a very expensive dish forgotten salt before serving. Such cases. 8 points out of 10. And be with you for strength