3 Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development

We wrote about PHP being World’s Most Loved and Most Hated Programming Language, now we present you some best PHP frameworks for easy web development.

Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development

1. Laravel: A PHP framework for Web artisans

Laravel is free, open source PHP Web application framework designed for developing MVC Web applications. It takes PHP development to an entirely new level. Laravel takes care of typical nightmares of developers by providing an in-built support for the redundant tasks of login authentication and URL-based routing. It comes with Laracasts, which are a great resource for reference, as well as learning. Composer-based management allows smooth interactions with external packages.

Laravel comes with new concepts in the world of PHP Web development. These are

  • IoC – inversion of control
  • A built-in migration support system

Laravel is of great advantage to developers experienced in RoR (Ruby in Rails), as it has inherited its design from RoR.

2. Phalcon

C always overwhelms is with its speed, and so does Phalcon. It’s entirely based on C and hence is a powerful performer in this league. However, knowledge of C is not a prerequisite for using this framework as all the functionality is exposed as PHP modules. It provides a great boost for resource usage and a steep increase in performance.

Phalcon is a loosely coupled framework, which allows the use of only some of its components rather than using it as a whole. The Phalcon documentation can be handy indeed, as it has matured with time.

Yii Framework

Yii Framework is the ideal choice for developing social networking websites as it has so much built-in support, which reduces development time immeasurably.

Yii is more than just a framework as it encapsulates a rich set of features:

  • Role-based access control
  • It is object-oriented
  • Form validation support
  • Scaffolding
  • Caching

9 thoughts on “3 Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development”

  1. Zend Framework is usually not recommended for smaller projects but excellent for more complex ones. Zend has partners such as IBM, Microsoft, Google and Adobe … you casn use What you Need, Forget Everything Else 🙂

  2. In our opinion Laravel is the best PHP framework at the moment. Laravel is comparable to the Microsoft .NET Framework.

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  4. You totally ignore Symfony framework, and you cannot say Laravel rocks and ignore Symfony when both share plenty of composer packages to make them run. Number 3 is Yii but they forgot to mark that. Yii doesn’t even belong in the top 3 imho.

  5. Great article!

    As per experience, I can say Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks and Composer-based management functionality make it stand out of crowd.


  6. sorry but what’s about symfony ? it should appear in such article !
    moreover a lot of laravel modules are coming from symfony


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