Seagate is coming up with an super sleek External drive

Ever felt like the existing external drives were over weighted to carry yourself. Now you don’t need to worry about it. External drive giant is coming up with a super sleek external drive almost 7 mm thick still having a usb port. Isn’t it amazing? The company is reportedly releasing its first 500 gb hard disks from mid January with the price tag of around $100.

It also allows labels and other information to be stamped onto the case during the manufacturing process so there’s no need for stickers to be added afterwards.

Watch the official video of the Seagate sleek here-


2 thoughts on “Seagate is coming up with an super sleek External drive”

  1. So other than hype and sales pitches, what is this really?
    From what I see it can be one of 3 technologies, Is it a Roatary disk that is 500gb? is it Flash memory with a SATA interface? or is it SSD Harddrive? The latter 2 will be real easy to make very thin and small.

    Also, who is the target crowd? Why make a HDD the size of a Iphone and have no way to hook it up and if you bend it all your data is lost? It better be STRONG!

    • I dont understand why they dont make the Western Digital Black obsolete. Just make newer harddrives not smaller but far more reliable and longer lasting. Start using ballbearings in all the harddrives and just plain make them higher quality. I would far rather have the harddrive become obsolete and need to be replaced because its too small and slow than have it die and lose all the data on it and be forced to rebuild with a newer drive.


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