kids are going back to room, Sony PlayStation is Back online

Sony PlayStation is back online after cyber attack.

On the day of Christmas , Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox network were attacked by hackers. Though,  Xbox live network was restored and working again by Friday afternoon so did not discuss the cause of the interruption. But nobody thought it will take three days for sony to recover playstation online services.

A hacker group known as “Lizard Squad” claimed responsibility for hacking these online gaming services, saying on Twitter on Thursday that it had overwhelmed Sony and Microsoft’s servers with bogus user traffic (Distributed Denial of service attack ‘DDos’).

Nobody can clearly say that it was just a DDos attack or if some personal data has been stolen too. Because recently, a different group called Guardians of Peace claimed responsibility for hacking Sony Pictures Entertainment’s servers, destroying and leaking data, exposing Hollywood secrets and forcing the studio temporarily to cancel the film’s release.

But, Xbox live was also attacked on the same day so it is said that ‘Lizard Squad group’ was behind the outage. This is not first time when this group is claiming the responsibility of attack, they were also credited for previous cyber attacks, including ones on PSN in early December and August..

They said they would “stop hitting” the services if users called attention to the hack by retweeting their statements.

But it’s simply unacceptable why they hack again for that kind of reason. We can say it clear after the confirmation by Sony officials.

Visit official PlayStation blog For more information.