Hackers ruin Christmas gaming fun, Sony and Microsoft’s servers were down.

If you were gifted with Xbox One or PlayStation 4 under the tree, we feel sorry for you today. Most of the Christmas Day, both Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network went offline in the middle of continues distributed DDoS attacks.

Microsoft and Sony used Twitter to admit the issues. Both companies said they are trying to bring back their services ASAP.

No doubt that Microsoft and Sony employees messing up to reinstate services would have chosen the day off, but unluckily, a group of hackers is putting a check on everyone’s holiday.

The troublemaker taking blame for the attack goes by the name Lizard Squad. In the past, they have jammed Sony and Microsoft’s game play services, as well as Blizzard’s online gaming network. Lizard Squad has even threatened to bring down an airliner, a brag that brought in the FBI. They are also linked themselves with the terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

PlayStation’s PSN status page has gone back to green. Meanwhile, PlayStation’s official Twitter support account has posted this update:

Microsoft and Sony have used Twitter to admit the issues. Both companies say they are trying to bring back their services.


Lizard Squad  stated attacks have stopped :

As Sony and Microsoft’s services experienced issues , but at press time, they were completely offline. Many gamers are unloading on Lizard Squad, while others are simply fed up

You can contact Support and Check Status here of Xbox and Sony.


Updated :

Mega formerly Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom persuaded Lizard Squad to stop their attacks on the two gaming services by offering them lifetime premium accounts on Mega. Now both services are recovering.