Find ‘Heartbleed’ vulnerable sites and if you’ve to change your password

The password manager, LastPass, allows you to check if the saved sites are affected by the bug through its‘LastPass Heratbleed Checker.

LastPass’s Security Check tells you which sites have updated their certificates, and whether you need to change your password for that site.

Image: Cnet

In the latest attempt to safeguard against the openSSL programming error bug, ‘Heartbleed,’ a cross-platform password manager has stepped in to rescue from the attack.

The feature update from the password managers saves the people from going to the Heartbleed – site checker besides providing them information about the safe and unsafe sites in use by them.

Last pass checker
LastPass website

The update is available to the existing and new users of the LastPass’ password management system.

The Security Check tool of the feature allows the users to check if the site is vulnerable to Heartbleed as well as informs the user with details like the last time they updated their password for the site, certificate updates of the site, and also recommends actions against any issues reported at that time.

The check can be run in three different ways:

  1. By selecting Security Check from the service’s add-on Tools option, which can be accessed from the desktop.
  2. By logging into the LastPass website and choosing Security Check on the left column.
  3. Through LastPass mobile app’s options menus.