TOP 10 Black Hat Hacker and their stories


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Top 10 Black-Hat Hackers in the World


  1. I’ve read Kevin Mitnicks second book, and it really is fascinating, how he wrote about him, the others, or even some of the here mentioned. I’m so free and qoute something I remember from his book: “The officers didn’t even gave me their name. Harsh all the time. They were afraid of me hacking in their system and deleting them from the paylist.” That really is … wow.

  2. Gary McKinnon is the master. The Scottish government also told the US to fuck off when they pressured for his extradition. This guy hacks as easily as he breathes.

  3. Reonel Ramones and Onel de Guzman Creator of I Love You Virus. This virus affected over 45 million computers and was one of the world’s most dangerous computer related disasters. The outbreak was later estimated to have caused US $5.5-8.7 billion in damages worldwide, and estimated to cost the US $15 billion to remove the worm. Within ten days, over fifty million infections had been reported,[8] and it is estimated that 10% of internet-connected computers in the world had been affected. Damage cited was mostly the time and effort spent getting rid of the infection and recovering files from backups. To protect themselves, The Pentagon, CIA, the British Parliament and most large corporations decided to completely shut down their mail systems.

  4. Kevin M. is probably my favorite out of this list. It is a shame that Jon James offed himself. Minds like that need to be picked and studied, not blown away. Also, we should make mention people like John Draper AKA Captain Crunch for his discovery and hacking of the phones companies tone based analog system.

  5. GREAT ..I am a CEH. .V8 graduate ..This guy’s have inspired me ..I am white hat tho but will be cool to know how they Did it

  6. They are all inspiring. There wouldn’t have been a white hat without the black hats. Black is an attitude not a color. Proud to be a gray hat.


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