Email, Social Networks, and Virtual Meetings: How To Keep Your Messaging Clear

How do you reach your audience and help it grow across various platforms? You have to use the right messaging. Keep your messaging clear and impactful by following these tips for your emails, social media platforms, and virtual meetings. If you’re wondering how to maintain digital consistency, look below.

Getting Started

Use the same fax cover sheet template for every document you send. Or, when you share an image on Facebook, use the same watermark in the same location. These consistencies help make your brand recognizable and quickly increase brand recognition.


Unless your industry requires it, technical terms and acronyms may not help you connect with your customers online. Meet your audience where they are at. Skip the jargon and use clear, concise, and easy-to-understand words in every email you send.

Set a company email signature. Include the website, address, and relevant contact information in one template that everyone in the company can copy. Maintain an air of professionalism and make it simple for people to get in touch.

Use an active voice, rather than passive, to get to the point and keep your customer’s attention each time you send a newsletter. Avoid lengthy pleasantries. Utilize the same format when you have to reach out to your clients. Your audience (and your bottom line) will appreciate it.

Social Media

People in the United States are on roughly seven social media platforms on average, according to Forbes. Where do your customers live online? Does your target demographic prefer X or TikTok, Facebook or Instagram? Every platform is a new opportunity to spread your brand’s message, but each platform requires a different approach.

Every social media network has its limitations and strengths. Tailor your messaging to match the brand while staying true to your core values. Determine what platforms your customers prefer and how much bandwidth you have to keep these platforms updated to avoid stretching yourself too thin.

When you’re staying active on various social media platforms, it can be hard to know what gets results. Are you looking for website visits, comments, or social shares? Knowing where you win is great, but don’t forget to analyze your failures, too. Tweak your message to achieve your goals.

Virtual Meetings

How do you connect with your team, investors, and clients? If you use virtual meetings, consider how you want your company to be portrayed. Virtual meeting providers offer different opportunities for customization. Since employees spend roughly one to three hours a week in virtual meetings, according to Zippia, it’s important to use concise messaging here too.

Will you allow your team members to use their images, or will you have specific company-approved portraits or generic avatars? Client-facing virtual meetings may have a specific format or flow.

Lay out how you want your meetings to look. Only invite people to meetings who will contribute. Help everyone know what to expect by providing a quick run-down before beginning and to better keep meetings on track and on-topic. Title meetings with the subject matter to make it simple.

Keep It Clear

Whether you’re communicating over email, a virtual meeting, or through social media, keep your messaging consistent. Although the methodologies may vary among platforms, stay true to your brand and the demands of your industry to help attract and retain customers.