10 Sites to Watch Chinese Movies Online in 2024

Chinese movies and dramas are gaining popularity, and here are 10 sites where you can view and download Chinese dramas, series, and movies with English subtitles.

Websites to Watch Chinese Movies Online

These websites for watching Chinese dramas and movies are 100% safe. Not only that but the collections on these sites are continuously updated, making them incredibly comprehensive. Additionally, some of the films include English subtitles, and several of them are of extremely high quality, HD (720p).

1. Filmdoo

Filmdoo is also one of the greatest sites for downloading Chinese movies and dramas in high definition and with excellent audio. You may start downloading any movie you want with only one click. Filmdoo isn’t just for Chinese movies; you can also view English films with both Chinese and Korean subtitles. Torrents in MP4 format are also available for downloading English films with Chinese subtitles.

2. YouTube

Without question, YouTube has grown to become one of the world’s most popular video-sharing and streaming platforms. YouTube has more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users, according to Hootsuite. However, it is easy to access YouTube videos without even having an account, making the statistics incorrect. However, Yoruba movies aren’t the only ones available on YouTube; Chinese films with English subtitles are also frequently posted. It’s updated often; all you have to do is look for channels that upload these regularly.

3. Dramacool

Without including Dramacool, this list would be incomplete. Dramacool should be one of your go-to places to download Chinese movies and dramas if you’re a huge fan of Asian films. This is one of the finest sources to get Chinese movies with English subtitles to watch and download. It includes a wide range of film genres and classifications, such as ancient wuxia fantasy (RPG), xianxia, and the underworld. If you want to download a movie, simply click the featured picture of the movie; you’ll immediately see the download button below the video player, and when you click the button directly below, you’ll be led to a page where you may ultimately download the movie.

4. Viu

The Viu app is for you if you enjoy watching Korean dramas or tracking the progress of a film. The film and drama library from South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and India is extensive. Viu Originals is a section of the Viu website and app that can only be accessible through the official Viu website and app. You can simply view all of the Asian movies and dramas on your laptop or smartphone in excellent resolution.

5. Vidio

This internet streaming application is one of the most comprehensive, offering a wide range of news, entertainment, soap operas, and sports programming.

Vidio allows you to watch live broadcasts of your favorite sporting events or soap operas. This application has a large library of international films from many genres. There are other drama series from China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan that are worth watching.

6. Iflix

Iflix allows you to watch TV shows, movies, and other fascinating entertainment programs. Tablet PCs, cellphones, laptops, and Smart TVs may all be used to access Iflix.

If you’re searching for a convenient streaming service with a large selection of foreign entertainment shows, the iflix movie-watching app is the way to go. Almost all film genres, including comedy, drama, romance, horror, action, anime, and documentaries, are available on the iflix service. It’s one of the most reputable sites for watching and downloading Chinese films and dramas.

7. Catchplay

Catchplay is the most up-to-date movie for watching movies and TV shows online. So, if you don’t have time to go to the movies, you don’t have to worry about missing the current release. The picture quality is very excellent, and it looks great on a huge screen.

8. Viki

Viki, like other websites, is very interesting. Viki is a movie streaming service that is based in the United States. Viki is also a subsidiary of Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce behemoth. This free movie-watching app concentrates on the finest Asian dramas, including Korean, Chinese, and other Asian dramas. Music videos from your favorite K-Pop groups are also available.


YOUKU is another Chinese website where you may get high-quality Chinese movies. For those seeking a place to download their favorite Chinese movies, this website is incredibly clean, easy to use, and effective. On the homepage of YOUKU, you may search for any Chinese movies or dramas.

The intriguing part is that if you use the search panel to look for movies, you will be presented with a list of the most popular titles without having to do anything. You may also sort movies by genre, category, and other factors. If you don’t want to view the movies on the platform, you may download them in HD.

10. iQiyi

If you want to use this website, you’ll need to use Google Translate on your Chrome browser to translate the text. iQiyi is one of the greatest websites for downloading and watching Chinese movies and series; it has nearly all of them.

You may search for Chinese movies on our website by selecting a movie. It’s simple to view, stream, or download on iQiyi because you’ll require a mobile application. By hitting the download button, you may get your movies right now.