‘Threads’ or ‘X’: Which Social Media Platform is Best?

I do not think we would be here in the first place discussing whether a newly introduced platform would compare to the one that has been in the business for 17 years but thanks to the rebrand Twitter has been going under which has resulted in only alienating its user base. What started with blue tick verification has resulted in many people jumping the ship and Threads by Meta provides them the perfect opportunity to do so.

What both X and Threads offer is text-based discourse of ideas with people from different spheres of life. Now which of them does it more organically and is the best platform to do so?  Which social media platform is better among ‘X’ and Threads? Let’s discuss these questions in detail;

Pros and Cons of ‘X’ and Instagram Threads

Pros of ‘X’:

Large User Base

‘X’ (formerly Twitter) has been around for almost 17 years now, it bags a large user base (450M) as it has been the only app in popular consciousness that offers a text-based discourse of ideas. Many celebrities, politicians, and influencers have been using this app for years to share their thoughts and positions on political and business issues. Direct one-to-one exchange with any person has been the reason behind many people joining the platform.

Real-time Platform

One of the most interesting things about ‘X’ is that now you do not have to wait for the news channels and newspapers to know what’s happening around the world. ‘X’ is a real-time platform that lets you know what’s happening in the world as of now in the Trends section. When earthquakes hit Turkey recently, a major source of real-time news and information was people sharing videos and media on the platform using hashtags.

Perfect for Sharing News and Current Events

World has become a global village thanks to social media platforms, ‘X’ is perfect for sharing news and current events as anyone with a smart device and the internet can access things as they are happening, it is a real-time platform and offers information broken down into a series of tweets due to character limit which makes it easier to contextualize and understand the news.

Ideal for Following Celebrities and Influencers

‘X’ is an ideal place for celebrities and influencers as it offers two-way open communication. Celebrities and influencers use it to connect with their fan base on a deeper level, tease their upcoming content, celebrate anniversaries and releases, and raise their voice for things they are passionate about. To grow your profile on ‘X’, you can buy likes and followers from quality sources.

Cons of ‘X’:

Character Limit Can Be Restrictive

A character limit of 280 characters on ‘X’ can be restrictive in sharing your fully formed thoughts in a single tweet. Due to this many people type in a notepad and share its screenshots in the form of pictures.

Can Get Noisy at Times

As massive as it is in celebrating your achievements it will be even more loud in your fall. When Taylor Swift went through massive hate in 2016 hashtag Taylor Swift is over the party was trending at number one for the week that much hate and noise is bad for your mental health.

Not as Personal as Other Platforms

Due to its public nature, tweets being visible to everyone avoids having personal conversations on this platform. ‘X’ is mostly used to share or comment on news or current things which are of public interest.

Pros of Instagram Threads:

Personal and Intimate Experience

Just like initially when ‘X’ was released people were more open and sillier rather self-conscious of everything. Since most of the followers for threads currently are coming from Instagram, people are more personal with their audience resulting in an intimate experience.

Higher Character limit

In comparison to ‘X’ character limit of an individual post on Threads is 500. 500 words are enough to build up a short argument or a story. A higher character limit results in shorter threads than ‘X’.

Integration with Instagram

One of the advantages of Threads is its integration with Instagram allows people to easily convert their Instagram following to Threads. Integration has also made the Login process easy.

Potential for Creating Niche Communities

It has been a month since Threads is out, and it is in its early stages with fewer people, This allows you to create communities such as fan accounts for your favorite book series. With consistent posting such ventures could be immensely successful. And one more thing, you can buy likes and followers from quality sources to boost your profile.

Cons of Instagram Threads:

Smaller User Base

Since the threads app is relatively new compared to ‘X’ evidently it has fewer users than ‘X’. A platform with a base is not preferred by influencers, celebrities and politicians as their goal is to reach as many people as possible.

Notification Overload

Since Instagram Threads is integrated with Instagram, you might be bombarded with notifications through the auto status updates which are not exclusive to Threads. This could be overwhelming and irritating for many users.

Reduced Discoverability

Since most of the users on Threads are from Instagram and your followers are probably your friends combined with apps’ low user base leads to reduced discoverability. On ‘X’ due to a wider audience, you can make accounts with immense following based solely on the things you tweet without any of your friends knowing and following you.

Final Verdict: Threads or ‘X’ – Which Reigns Supreme?

After delving into both Threads and ‘X’ deeply currently I would say despite its constant changes ‘X’ remains supreme. ‘X’ stands on a strong foundation and offers more features than Threads currently. ‘X’ has a larger user base and is still the main source for news dispersion and discourse of ideas. Threads may not be yet there in terms of features and offering the whole experience of ‘X’ but its immense sign-up of 100M users over the 5 days shows that it has the potential to grow in the future. My suggestion to you guys would be to keep using your ‘X’ profile as it is but keep on growing your Threads profile on the side as well.

x vs threads


Q: Will the thread replace ‘X’?

A: As of now Threads cannot replace ‘X’ due to its built foundation over years and more features but Threads has the potential of offering a better alternative.

Q: How popular is ‘X’ vs. Threads?

A: ‘X’ is much more popular than Threads as ‘X’ has been around for 17 years. Threads currently has 1/3 of ‘X’ users.

Q: Which is better: Threads or ‘X’?

A: Currently, ‘X’ is much better than Threads as it has more features and a large user base but Threads has an immense potential to grow in the future.

Q: How do I increase my followers on Threads?

A: You can increase your followers on Threads by producing quality content, engaging with your audience, and replying to their messages, comments, and mentions, you can also buy threads followers from reliable sources like SocialWick.

Concluding Remarks

In comparison of ‘X’ vs Threads, looking at various pros and cons of each platform individually, I have concluded that currently ‘X’ reigns supreme compared to Threads but Threads have an immense potential to grow in the future. ‘X’ has a larger user base and offers more features. As a creator, it would be best to keep on using your ‘X’ profile as it is but building your audience on Threads over time would be beneficial. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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