How Upskilling Your Tech Team Improves Retention

Retaining bright heads is more cost-effective than seeking new ones and waiting until they adapt to the new tech team. ‘To retain’ sounds a bit broad, right? Retention in tech includes at least 3 big tasks: regular communication with structured feedback, keeping a healthy work-life balance, and talent upskilling.

A lot of tech business owners prioritize those tasks to make the job conditions appealing. Some tech leaders also book talent management services to entrust covering the retention needs to third parties and save time.

Actually, providing additional training and development opportunities helps tech leaders handle time & budget matters and jump over them to create meaningful working experiences for their teams. The idea is simple — when you work for a living, not live for working, your duties enrich your outlook, not limit it.

How Tech Team Benefits from Upskilling


First and foremost, upskilling demonstrates your commitment to your tech talent growth and career development. When developers, UI/UX designers, product analysts and the rest of the team see that their organization is investing in their professional advancement, they:

  • feel their leaders value and appreciate them;
  • stay with the company long-term.

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

It’s astonishing, but both the development veterans and industry novices frequently ask themselves: Am I in my place? It seems that my achievements are not convincing enough. The statistics say that 58% of people suffer from impostor syndrome, and 94% of those “impostors” don’t discuss it with the team. The biases retreat when a tech specialist completes a coding boot camp, for example, and receives a document where the “certified coding ninja” status is as plain as a day. The same can be pointed out about implementing an award system.

Adaptation to the New Technologies

Technology is evolving, and what was cutting-edge yesterday may become obsolete tomorrow. By upskilling talent, tech companies help their teams adapt to the latest industry trends and stay relevant in the job market.

Welcoming Work Environment

When the tech team members have attended the same workshop, they have mutual memories and jokes — something to recall at new team meetings. Creating a family mood is brilliant for better interactions and decision-making speed. When you can kindly refer to the clumsy but cute robot from the webinar devoted to artificial intelligence, you can quickly explain some of your comments on the teammate’s code in a friendly way.

Another sign of that family mood created is when you can share both your ups and downs with your team. Debugging is a normal part of coding. Discussing debugging in a friendly atmosphere is an additional learning opportunity!

Dream Career

When tech geeks feel that their work aligns with their interests, they are more engaged and happy. Opportunities for growth in the preferred direction satisfy their intellectual curiosity and give them a sense of purpose. If, let’s say, front-end developers are interested in passing cybersecurity certification — better to support them. Otherwise, they may switch to a new field in a new tech team.

Competitive Spirit

When team members have access to ongoing training and knowledge-sharing events, they feel motivated to enhance their skills and knowledge. When tech specialists see teammates investing in personal growth, they also start looking for ways to become more tech-savvy and impress the team at the next workshop.

Upskill Staff — Attract Top Performers

Providing training programs and resources to learn new skills helps attract and retain top talent. When skilled professionals compare job opportunities, they often prioritize tech teams that offer growth and development prospects. By showcasing their commitment to upskilling, companies differentiate themselves from competitors in the job market and become an employer of choice faster.

Upskilling contributes to creating a powerful HR brand. One day, tech leaders, who take care of improving retention rates, notice that they hire matching staff for their projects with lightning speed because the best tech specialists are in a hurry to apply for their vacancies.