8 Top Tips to Increase Your Following on TikTok

If you’ve just started your journey to becoming a TikTok influencer, achieving popularity might seem like a far-off dream. Even if you’re just trying to have a moderately successful personal account, it can be tricky to consistently grow your following. However, increasing your fanbase on TikTok isn’t actually as hard as you might think. Part of your success depends on the platform’s all-powerful algorithm, but guess what? There are several ways to convince the algorithm that your content is worth showing to potential new followers. Plus, there are some other strategies that will simply make you a better, more appealing content creator.

Most of the tips below take a “slow and steady wins the race” approach, but some people want results now. This is why buying followers, likes, or views from services like TikCeleb is so popular on social media platforms. It instantly increases the creator’s perceived popularity, which can have a snowball effect on the size of their fanbase. For sustained organic growth, these are the best things you can do to boost your Tiktok fanbase.

#1: Collaborations or duets

From one perspective, other creators from the same niche are your competition. From another perspective, they could actually help you gain new followers. How? Through collaborations.

The way this usually works is that you produce content with another creator (or simply duet them); they might also do the same thing on their accounts. Even if you’re just duetting one of their videos in a more informal collaboration, this will likely get your content onto their followers’ For You pages. The algorithm knows that if users are interested in one creator, they’ll probably be interested in other creators from the same niche – which is exactly why this strategy works.

#2: Pick your niche

When TikTok users follow creators, it’s usually because 1) they’re interested in the creator, and 2) they’re interested in the topics that the creator’s content is about. If you don’t pick your niche, you’re only getting half of the equation right. Even if you’re charismatic and charming, that isn’t enough to get the average TikTok user to follow you. However, if you pair that charisma with a specific niche like food reviews, makeup tutorials, or dance challenges, then you’ll be much more appealing to potential viewers.

#3: Improve your content quality

What’s the first thing you notice about the content from successful vs. obscure creators on social media sites? In many cases, it’s the difference in quality. With higher-quality content, the lighting is flattering, the sound is clear, and the camera clearly shows what’s going on. With lower-quality videos, the lighting is inconsistent, the audio is patchy, and the camera angles are atrocious. Which one do you think viewers will want to see? The answer is obvious. The good news is, you don’t even need to go all-out with expensive equipment or sophisticated set design. Just be a bit more thoughtful with your lighting, avoid distracting noises that could obscure your audio, and figure out which camera angles work best with your content.

#4: Livestream

TikTok isn’t necessarily known as a livestreaming platform, but it recently improved its livestreaming offerings. You can now host livestreams with multiple guests, and improve the way comments are moderated. Many different types of creators use TikTok livestreams, from up-and-coming influencers to big-name brands. Influencers often go live to connect with their followers, and to add some variety to their content repertoire. Brands host livestreams as part of their marketing efforts, often demonstrating products or services in an entertaining format. Just keep in mind that if you want to bring up a product or service that you happen to be promoting, don’t make it too salesy. This will turn your livestream into an extended advertisement, and probably be a turn-off for your followers.

#5: Get a TikTok Business Account

Even if you aren’t an official business, you can still make a TikTok Business Account. This is for creators who are serious about growing their fanbase too; they’ll get access to helpful data on user preferences, which types of content are doing well, and more. These analytics will let you make more informed decisions for your content strategy, so you can get even better at giving your followers exactly what they want.

#6: Follow trends

TikTok’s algorithm is designed to promote trending content; it looks for videos that use popular hashtags or sounds and puts those on more users’ For You pages. The advantage for creators is that these trends represent an easy way to get new eyes watching their content. If the algorithm isn’t showing your videos to new viewers, it’ll be very hard to grow your following – which is why following trending hashtags and sounds is highly recommended.

#7: Follow a consistent posting schedule

If you want to go from an average TikTok user to a creator, it’s important to follow some kind of posting schedule. You shouldn’t drop ten videos in one week, and one video the week after; this is confusing for your followers and makes them less likely to view your content once you start posting regularly again. Just remember that you should balance quantity with quality. A frequent posting schedule is best, but not if you’re making random videos just to have something to upload.

#8: Engage with followers

Engagement is another important metric that TikTok’s algorithm considers. When you respond to user comments or use the platform’s Q&A feature, this increases engagement – and the likelihood that you’ll be recommended to new users. It also makes your followers feel like you actually care about what they have to say. They’ll be more likely to comment, and more likely to subscribe and stick around over the long term.

The takeaway

Succeeding on TikTok is partly up to the algorithm, but there are also plenty of tips you can follow to effectively increase your fanbase. Even if you don’t use all of the tips above, you can use the ones that fit your goals and watch your follower count grow.