Best Programming Languages To Get Your Feet Wet in 2024

An integral component of becoming a software developer is acquiring a command of many programming tongues. The fresh perspectives and chances it affords us help to keep the job fresh and engaging. Learning a new language may benefit you in your present position, lead to exciting new opportunities, or motivate you to pursue a personal interest.

1. Python


Python is and has always been among the most popular programming languages. Many years have passed. But in terms of the here and now, Python is among the most sought-after programming languages by organizations of all sizes. Python is so versatile that it can be used to create everything from a web server to a video game to corporate intelligence console software.

Therefore, it may be said to be a language of extensive use. To get my feet wet in the world of software development, I’d use the Flask microframework to create an API and study the fundamentals of writing server-side code in Python.

2. Javascript

JavaScript code

I would recommend starting here over anything else. If so, why? You’ll need to master Javascript if you wish to work in any field that involves the internet since it is the de facto language for coding websites and is used to handle all user interaction with them.

In addition, Javascript allows you to build server-side coding skills via the use of NodeJS, which really is identical to that used on the web. Only by utilizing Javascript and some of its foundations and APIs can a comprehensive online platform be built, similar to Airbnb or Instagram.

3. Rust


I still maintain that everybody, even those just beginning in the field of software development, should give Rust a look. Despite its status as a low-level language, Rust’s readability and writeability are exceptional. In comparison, C and C++ are speedy but more difficult to read for humans since their vocabulary does not mask away low-level information.

Due to its widespread usage, I believe that studying C++ is still worthwhile. Even if you’re already working as a professional software engineer or administrator, mastering Rust might be beneficial. It’s a time and energy saver, and if you’re familiar with C or C++, you could find learning Rust to be a breeze due to the similarity in syntax.

4. Kotlin


Kotlin stands out among other languages because it is suitable for back-end server work, mobile/Android work, and front-end web work. Kotlin is the first language to provide full-stack support. Kotlin provides flexibility by letting you pick your preferred programming paradigm.

Kotlin is similar to Java in that it allows you to construct models as well as compose object-oriented software, however, with far less boilerplate. Since JetBrains designed Kotlin to be fully compatible with Java, you may utilize Java frameworks and libraries with Kotlin or conversely.