VS Code Extensions To Skyrocket Your Programming Endeavors

Among other things, a soldier’s sword is his most prized possession. A programmer is a fighter, and an IDE is his or her sword. A soldier’s primary duty is to keep his weapon in good working order and utilize it efficiently at all times. One of the most useful tools a soldier may have is Visual Studio Code. To aid you in your programming endeavors, I have developed a list of the seven most popular VSCode extensions.

1. Python Indent


This add-on has the potential to save your life. In coding, indentation is crucial. Simply said, it’s easier on the eyes. In Python, though, it is crucial. It is common practice to indent Python code blocks to distinguish them from surrounding text. I’m guessing it goes without saying that you know this add-on is useful for fixing Python indentation. The installed size is 3.5M.

2. CodeLLDB

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Standard library data types, including matrices, strings, and maps, are shown natively inside this add-on. While C++ and Rust are the main targets of this extension’s development, it is compatible with the vast majority of compiled languages. Capabilities such as conditioned breakpoints, log points, function breakpoints, hardware data access breakpoints, scripting in Python, and much more are all included. The system’s setup is at 2.5M.

3. Git History


Git is widely used in the development community. This add-on greatly improves Git’s functionality. Among its many features is the ability to see and explore the git log, graph, and information; retrieve and examine a prior version of a file; analyze the file’s history; and more. Approximate estimates put the number of users at 7.3 million.

4. Turbo Console Log


Among these extensions, this one has the largest user base, with over 643,000 installs. Most of a programmer’s time is spent fixing bugs. That’s when this add-on comes in handy. Streamlining the process of creating helpful log messages facilitates troubleshooting. Sealed log messages, simultaneous cursor support, plus automated insertion of appropriate log messages are just a few of the features included.

5. GO


This add-on has more downloads than any other on this ranking, at more than 8.4 million. This plugin is essential for anybody writing code in the GO programming language. It should come as no surprise that this add-on greatly improves the GO’s linguistic capabilities. Additionally, it offers a plethora of capabilities like IntelliSense, code navigation, editing support, etc.