Best Ways To Earn Big Bucks If You’re a Developer

Software development is one of the highest-paid professions on the planet. Unfortunately, not all regions have a similar approach to programmer compensation. In contrast to the median salary of $127,000 in the United States, a software engineer in Ghana earns only about $20,000.

While this may be upsetting to hear as an African software engineer, keep in mind that your skills are not lessened by your geographic location. More and more companies are starting to hire remote employees, and the future seems bright. It’s great news that developers can make money in more ways than just by working for a company that pays well.

Creating NFTs

ways to earn money as software developer

Most programmers are employed by large corporations or innovative startups, giving them ready access to the latest innovations in finance and technology. Therefore, most developers will be capable of creating cutting-edge technology, including cryptocurrencies, network effects concepts and more.

It’s possible you’re also aware of the buzz around NFTs, Virtual Land, and Defi. Including the brand-new Metaverse development, of course. To do this, you may also learn to use Blockchain technology and offer a solution that the vast majority of people will find useful. Therefore, if you have expertise in programming, you will have an advantage when it comes to an understanding new technologies and generating money from them.

Monetize Your Services

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Useful resources include Teachable, Udemy, as well as Skillshare. Unlike on YouTube, you may begin making money from your course the moment it goes live. After you’ve finished making the program, you’ve already done the hard part, and as long as people keep paying for it, you’ll keep making money.

Even if you already have a blog where you offer your expertise for free, there are various services that will compensate you to write technical articles. is a great resource for swiftly locating technical writing assignments that match your expertise. For your content, you may expect to get paid at least $250 from the majority of these sites.

Programmers might increase their income by starting a YouTube channel. A channel may be created with the purpose of exchanging information, experiences, and thoughts. If you enjoy a big following, you may turn your channel into a moneymaker by adding advertisements to it. You may start making money with the Youtube Partner Program after you’ve attracted at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

3. Freelancing

ways to earn money as software developer

To this day, I believe that freelancing as a software developer is the most lucrative option available. Better still, you don’t even have to be a prodigious coder to achieve it!

Clients often choose to hire indie developers over software development firms since the former might be more cost- and time-effective.

Freelancing allows you more flexibility since you may pick and choose whatever projects you want to focus on. You have the option of working with customers who are flexible with your timetable or who provide interesting challenges. Prospective customers might be won over via word-of-mouth advertising and referrals. In addition, sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, as well as People per Hour are available to you for doing business on a global scale.