Small-Scale Programming Projects To Boost Your Job Hunting

The saying “practice makes perfect” is true. There isn’t a soul alive who hasn’t heard at least one of these phrases. In addition, it stands to reason that the more you exercise a certain talent, the more mastery, and familiarity you will get.

In light of this, I have assembled five development projects for your perusal and practice; if you’re satisfied with them, just publish these to your Github as well as your portfolio for all the world (or prospective employers) to see. Having even a few projects on GitHub will boost your chances of being hired.

1. Web scraper

Programming Projects

Although this isn’t strictly backend work, it does include many ideas for one. Take the scenario where you need to find accommodation in Xyz town. However, you don’t want to do it manually since there are so many options (many of which are the same but priced differently) to consider. Scraping the webpage may provide a wealth of information. After your scraper is complete, you can execute it and save the results in a database server or over the Google Sheets API.

2. URL Shortener

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This is among the greatest and most basic tasks you can perform. To gain ideas, just type an instance name into Google. This project aims to create an interface that can condense a lengthy URL supplied as a value. It also supports user registration, login, and token-based authorization so that a user may abbreviate URLs and also have them preserved after logging in. Backend developers may finish the API without worrying about how a frontend will use it.

3. Web Application

web application testing

Those interested in or actively pursuing a career in front-end development will benefit most from this endeavor. Now we’ll discuss some of the many open application programming interfaces (APIs) available on the web for use in programs like weather apps. Since the “backend” component of the services, as well as the information it offers, is already completed, and just a set of ports are accessible to you in order to consume this information, the project simply comprises a section that’d be the front-end development.

4. A bot

Programming Projects

You’ve definitely interacted with bots before, whether on Facebook (where you can ask questions and get automated responses) or messaging apps like Telegram or Whatsapp. Let’s pretend you have a backend system set up and are able to successfully scrape a website or produce data that is then successfully saved. You’d want to access that data with as little effort as possible while checking Telegram for a message. In any case, you can accomplish your goal in this fashion.