Best Hard Disk Repair Software for Windows

With the increased invention and research on hard drive capability, there is a substantial decrease in the annualized failure rate of hard drives. However, even with this total reduction in hard drive failure, there is still more need for data backup just to avoid finding yourself in such a compromising situation.

This is the main reason why Disk Drill by CleverFiles is among the many other hard drive repair software. If you are well informed about hard drive failure and reasons for the different failure scenarios, and similarly have good details about some of the commonly used hard drives repair utility and recovery tools to use, you will be in a better position to secure your files and even get them back in case of accidental failures.

Best Hard Disk Repair Software for Windows

In this article, we will share details of some of the best disk repair utilities for Windows that you can reliably use anytime you face challenges with your hard drive.

1. Disk Drill: Best Overall

Even in a world of crowded markets, choosing the best hard drive repair software is still very easy. Disk Drill is and has been by far the best software for hard drive repair and data recovery. Professionals use this software to repair several storage devices including recovering lost files from them.

This software is not just intuitive with a user-friendly interface, it also comes with versatile features that support quick and deep scans to ensure the repair is not just done on surface features but deeper corrective measures are implemented to restore your drive back to life.

In addition, this software gives you the ability to recover over 200 different file formats without requiring training or expert skills. You simply need to click on the recover button and it will be all systems set!

Other key features you will like from Disk Drill include data protection, hard drive cleanup, disk monitoring, data backup, and much more. A unique feature, this software can also recover data from unbootable hard drive! If you have a problem with your hard drive, just download this software and you should be assured of getting all the tools you will need under one roof.

2. WinDirStat: Best Disk Usage

Disk problems are many and will range from hard drive corruption to physical damage. However, you need to fully understand the type of data stored in a disk before you venture into the repair process. This ensures that your files are not interfered with in the process of attempting to repair a damaged hard drive.

Ideally, traditional file managers offer very limited features to recover lost data as well as a limited view of data stored in your drive. This makes them unfit for the disk repair job as you can be sure you will lose your files in the process.

WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer that comes with a special treemap view representing each file in the form of colored rectangles with areas proportional to the file sizes.

3. Clonezilla: Best Disk Imaging Tool

Clozella is a free hard drive repair tool that allows you to create full partitions easily. It also helps you build backups that you can easily deploy on other computers. Besides, it supports a wider range of file systems than most tools in the market today. This software also features some basic boot repair tools.

4. DBAN: Best Disk Wipe Tool

It’s very unfortunate that it’s not all hard drives can be repaired. This is because damages, especially physical damages are not very easy to repair and restore. At this point, you only want to care about your data privacy.

If you want to recover data from a hard drive more easily or to make them more accessible, moving all your data into different storage devices gives you the opportunity to secure them as you perform a safe wipe of you’re affected hard drive before you can through it away. This is where you need DBAN to wipe out the disk and make your data safe.

5. GParted: Best Partition Manager

This is another free hard disk repair tool that helps you edit graphical partitions. You can also use this tool to copy, move, or resize partitions without losing data or corrupting the files.

You may also want to effectively shrink partitions to create more space or backup data. You will get this software from the official website and be able to use it on a USB as well.

6. HDD Regenerator: Best Ability to Repair Bad Sectors

Windows come with in-built disk repair tools with the ability to fix bad sectors. This tool works in a similar way to the Windows tool. HDD Regenerator has the ability to detect and repair physical bad sectors on a disk surface. It was originally built by Dmitriy Primochenko.

7. SpinRite: Best for Older Computers

You might be surprised that we are mentioning SpinRite, a data tool that was released in 2004. This data recovery tool remains the best hard drive repair tool for much older computers and can be used to scan any computer as it runs inside a live version of FreeDOS. Also, it supports many operating systems other than Windows including Linux file systems, Mac, and more.