7 Tips for Taking Quality Social Media Photos

Have a business on social media or just like posting interesting photos for your blog? Then you are undoubtedly aware that high-quality photographs improve engagement and help with the sale of your products and services. However, a lot of people struggle with the issue of finding or taking a suitable photo for social media. But this problem can be easily solved.

Playing around with a number of strategies or tips and tricks will help you improve the quality of smartphone images for your social media feed. On social media, high-quality images are crucial, and they don’t necessarily require a lot of work, pricey equipment, or a crew of photographers. Here are 7 tips to create great photos for your social media account.

1. Don’t Forget to Clean Your Camera Lens

camera lens

We want to start off here. A clear lens is the foundation of a strong social media image. Before starting to take actual shots, open the camera app and shoot a few test pictures to assess the clarity. A glass wipe or specialized lens cleaner is useful to have when preparing to take a picture because they are the best materials for safely cleaning the lens.

2. Use a Tripod


If you end up with blurry shots because your hands are trembling, a tripod can help you fix the problem. When taking pictures, a tripod is a guarantee that the images will be significantly sharper. The images you can take while utilizing it will turn out considerably better than those taken without a means of support. A tripod ensures greater stability and comfort. 

3. Pay Attention to the Lighting

camera lighting

One more essential tip that will definitely increase the quality of your photos. Take pictures near a source of natural light. Going outside is a fantastic alternative. However, there may be situations when you need to take photos indoors. In this case, try to position yourself close to a window.

Keep in mind that using the flash is not a good idea. The flash on your smartphone may make your photo less appealing by creating shadows or yellow light.

4. Shoot From Different Angles

camera angles

If you want your photos to stand out and look creative, then playing with different angles and creating the illusion of height and depth may be a great idea. In order to capture unique viewpoints that can make your photo more striking, try shooting from above and below the subject. To ensure that viewers can grasp what is captured, make sure that the entire subject can be seen in the photograph. 

5. Use the Grid Lines

grid lines

Have you ever heard of the rule of thirds? This theory suggests that the focal point of any photo should be placed at the intersections of these grid lines. This makes the image more balanced and makes it easier for the viewer to engage with it. The grid lines functionality can be quickly enabled in your app’s settings and is always reversible. So, if you want to take your pictures to the next level, use this rule. 

6. Don’t Miss a Focus


Make sure your camera or smartphone can maintain focus on the subject you wish to take a photo of. You have the option of doing it manually or automatically. Due to its convenience and speed, autofocus is preferred by many photographers. To produce a high-quality shot, you might need to manually focus on the subject in some situations, such as poor lighting.

7. Edit Your Photos

edit photos

You may want to edit your photos once you’ve taken them. On the Internet, there are several apps and tools made specifically for processing images. With the help of such programs, you can improve the quality of your images and make them look perfect. But don’t over-edit your photos as that can make them less appealing. Want to know how to enhance your photos? Follow the link to read a step-by-step guide on how to improve image quality.  

Final Words

When you have to shoot images for your social media accounts on your own, all the advice above may be helpful. If you own an internet business or a blog, keep in mind that the majority of your subscribers may be visual people. Because of this, it’s crucial to consistently update your content and give viewers high-quality images. This will help you attract more followers and create an account that people will enjoy.