Why Can’t you Record Conversation In Apple iPhones?

The iPhone’s software is among the best in the industry. However, this doesn’t imply they aren’t without drawbacks for certain people. Those familiar with iOS know that the platform does not support the recording of phone calls.

Apple prevents them from recording. But there is something worth noting about Android, a rival. While there is currently no way to record phone conversations on iOS, it’s a widespread issue on Android that can be fixed with a number of third-party apps.

It’s possible you’ve considered using the system’s built-in call recording functionality. It’s a shame, but that doesn’t help you much either. If you attempt to do so while on a phone conversation, the recording of your screen will be interrupted, and a window will appear to let you know that you have failed. So, let’s explain why you can’t record phone conversations on an Apple device.

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Why Does Apple Choose To Do This?

Many of you have undoubtedly had a phone conversation that began with a disclaimer that it could be recorded. If you see this, you should assume that the current conversation is being recorded. Mobile network operators and other businesses often place their money on recordings so they can readily go back to them later, for instance, to review recommendations or research results. On the other hand, the typical individual experiences the same results. There is no downside to recording a conversation in which crucial information is relayed to you.


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Apple promotes itself as a firm that values consumer privacy and safety. For this reason, Apple’s infrastructure is a little bit closed. As an added privacy concern, recorded phone conversations may be monitored and listened to afterward. Since this is the case, Apple restricts app access to the built-in microphone as well as the Phone app. Thus, it is simpler for the Cupertino behemoth to entirely restrict this choice, shielding itself at the governmental level and claiming to be undertaking so for the sake of safeguarding its customers’ privacy. Screen recording on iPhone is possible unless an app prevents it.

Lacking this choice is a dealbreaker for others, leading them to stick with Android. When it comes to iPhones, would you be interested in having the option to record calls, or do you not mind not having that option?

The Takeaway

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There needs to be a recording feature, and the user may decide for themselves whether they want to utilize it or not. What gives me that impression? You shouldn’t sweat it; I’m sure everyone here has had a crucial phone conversation they afterward jotted down notes for.

Now that you have the call recorded, you may listen to it and take notes as usual. Deaf or elderly patients, for instance, may benefit from using recordings as a means of communicating with their physicians.

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