Things That Can Improve Responsible Gambling

Almost all online casinos promote responsible gambling these days. This means that a player should play responsibly, with the funds he owns, and be able to stop when he wants. An addicted player will gamble all the time and he is not able to stop. This is the same type of addiction as any other and you can link this. Well, certain technologies can help those players who are at risk of developing an addiction. They will be explained below. 


GamStop is one of the most popular options of this kind in the United Kingdom. It is extremely effective and almost 90% of users are satisfied with how it works and they have cured their gambling issues. This is not software. This is a self-exclusion platform. What this means is that a player will create an account on GamStop. Immediately after all the casinos in the base will become blocked. You cannot visit a casino and even if you try to create a new account, it will be declined.

Keep in mind that GamStop works only with UKGC casinos. In other words, these casinos that have this license must support GamStop and once you create an account at the self-exclusion platform, they will become unavailable. Unfortunately, many UK players want to cancel GamStop and use available options that help to remove them from the list. Also, all the online casinos that don’t have UKGC licenses don’t have to support GamStop. In many cases, these sites cannot promote GamStop even if they want. GamStop is working on expanding its base and covering more and more online casinos. 

A player can choose how long his self-exclusion will last. It can last up to 5 years. Once done the player can contact the customer support of GamStop and remove the ban. He can play games normally afterwards. The idea is that a player gets the time he can use to cure his gambling addiction. Once he is ready he can play games again and win big time. 


One of the first and very appealing options here is using blockers. This is software and you will install it on your computer, smartphone, and tablet. Once activated, the software will bank access to all gambling websites. In simple terms, you will not be able to visit an online casino and play games there. If you can’t visit an online casino, you can’t gamble and you cannot develop a gambling addiction. This is the first method many players use and it is one of the very effective ones here. 

There are many examples. NetNanny, GamBan, and many more are a few options you may want to consider. Keep in mind that this software can be used for parental controls as well. What this means is that your child won’t be able to access any of the websites you specify. For instance, you can block websites for gambling, for adults and so much more. In a nutshell, you can block almost any website you like. This software also has a database of websites that are blocked. 

It is mandatory to add that once you install the software you won’t be able to remove it. You must select a time duration of how long you want to use the software and that’s it. There is no way around it. 

Blocking Transactions From A Bank

This is a relatively new method compared to the first two and one that some players want to use and find effective. You can contact your bank and ask them to block all gambling-related transactions. Many banks have already added this option for their customers, and others such as Revolute are working on this feature. This means that when you want to deposit the funds to the online casino the transaction will be declined. 

But this doesn’t work with all the banks. It is a big question if your bank supports this., Many banks will not support this feature due to the fact online gambling brings them profit and as such, they cannot afford to block these transactions. There are several reasons why some banks do not support these transactions.

In The United Kingdom, in UKGC casinos players cannot use credit cards. This is not something banks have set. It is the rule UKGC has for all casinos and it is mandatory. According to research, players who use credit cards are at a higher risk of developing gambling addiction and having severe issues.  As such, this option is not available anymore. On the other side, you can use credit cards at many other casinos. 

The Final Word

All these methods are based on technology and they can be used in online casinos only. Additionally, these options are helpful in online gaming, as there are many paid things which might be dangerous. These do not work with land-based casinos as you can deduce by now. Each one is effective in its own way and each one can help you if you need this type of help. It is up to you to choose which method you like the most and use it. Yes, it is possible to use all of these but this is a rare option that just a few players will use. 

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