What Are The 5 Best SEO Tools

Do you struggle with SEO and find it difficult to understand? Listed here are the nine SEO tools I find most useful for increasing a website’s visibility in search results.  There’s nothing to be embarrassed about; everyone feels that way sometimes. But what if I told you that all of your troubles could be solved with only a few of the top solutions for search engine optimization? In this article, I will discuss the few SEO tools that I find to be the most helpful. Each and every one of these tools are available at no cost to you whatsoever.

1. Seedkeyword.com

SEO Tools

In order to use a keyword research program, you typically input a seed into the program and then the software returns a list of possible results. The issue with this method is that everyone uses identical keywords while using these programs. There’s a good reason why most keywords are so competitive: many people are trying to rank for them. You may use this to avoid the issue.

Customers are asked how they’d search for your business online so that you may use those terms as seed keywords. Next, you input those seed terms into an old-fashioned keyword research instrument. Seedkeyword does that for you.

2. SERPerator

Here’s how it works: as you’re undoubtedly aware, your location and the gadget you’re using may have a huge impact on the search engine results you get. This fantastic utility allows you to compare search results from several geographical and technological perspectives. By just selecting a platform and region, you may see the final output as it will appear to a user in that place and on that platform.

3. Exploding topics

SEO Tools

As you surely already know, discovering a new popular keyword is like striking an SEO jackpot. By contrast, there will be more blog posts, papers, Youtube clips, and other forms of material for you to contend with if you aim for a more obscure or generic term. However, you may avoid the grueling competition in search engine rankings by focusing on emerging trends and phrases. The application contains a database of hot themes across numerous sectors, covering healthcare, sports, advertising, style, consumer items, and more, and provides a selection of current keywords on a golden platter.

4. Tube Buddy


If you use Google Chrome, you may download a free add-on called Tube Buddy to better optimize your clips for search engines. Take the case when you wish to utilize several of the same keywords that another media is employing. Those labels may be seen and used in your clip with the help of tube buddy. Alternatively, imagine you need a keyword for video optimization purposes. Tube Buddy allows you to assess the degree of rivalry on the first page of your Tube for a certain keyword.

5. Bazzumo

SEO Tools

Writing something that nobody reads is the most detrimental thing you can do when you’re trying to find out what to post. Bazzumo’s strength, however, lies in the fact that you already have a great deal of material available to you there. If you wish to know what others love and hate, all you have to do is type certain keywords into Bazzumo and it’ll display you the most popular stories. Since Bazzumo relies on social sharing, you may expect success on social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn,  Facebook, Twitter, and others by producing content with a comparable tone and style.