Top Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs

There’s a dizzying rate of change in the world of digital marketing. There has been a tremendous change in the amount of money spent on digital advertising over the last two years. Given that more individuals were stuck inside, they naturally spent much more time surfing the web. Results from several surveys showed a 50-70% rise in consumers’ average time spent perusing the web.

Furthermore, several OTT and streaming services saw an increase of up to 50 percent in user numbers over the course of a single year. So, jobs in digital marketing are hotter than ever. In order to maintain relevance in an ever-evolving industry, it is necessary to constantly expand one’s knowledge and skill sets.

Digital Marketing Jobs

1. Brand Manager

This position was formerly considered the pinnacle of marketing prestige. One who manages a business is also its owner. The brand manager is in charge of the brand’s income, entire lifecycle, and marketing planning. A Brand Manager must have knowledge of profit and loss, stock, the distribution network, launching products, and promotion.

While many brand managers have strong digital marketing chops due to the increasing importance of e-commerce, success in this position requires a thorough understanding of GTM across many channels.

2. Product Marketing Manager

This is the Holy Grail, the ultimate prize. Jobs as product managers and product marketing managers are highly sought after by recent professionals in this field. High salaries may be attributed to the dominance of tech giants.

The PMM’s job is to coordinate with the marketing director and the technology team to create a solution that meets the demands of the customer base and then bring that item to life through go-to-market (GTM) methods. Post-launch, PMMs have near-complete control of the go-to-market since they were essential in the customer survey and product development.

3. E-Commerce Marketing Manager

Digital marketing jobs content strategist

Whilst the Category Marketer would be responsible for expanding the category as a whole, an E-commerce Marketer would oversee expanding the category’s customer base. This is a client-facing position in which you’ll be responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies for large accounts.

This position calls for a thorough familiarity with the e-commerce company’s promotional stock and its application to the development of individual clientele.

4. Digital Strategist

This is a typical job profile for large tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. An expert in a particular digital product assists large customers in achieving their business objectives. Depending on the company’s policies, employees may be allowed to consider the customer’s needs in their entirety when developing a strategy for meeting those needs, even if it means including products from more than one vendor.

5. Digital Transformation Manager

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The time has come for digital transformation. The majority of businesses are aware that they must adopt a digital strategy, however, they lack clarity over how to do so. As a result, a Digital Transformation Manager’s primary responsibility is to create and implement a strategic plan for the organization’s digitalization.

This position is responsible for driving ideas that promote digitalization and contribute to the expansion of the online market. Because of the focus on planning in this position, it is possible that training sessions may be held for internal teams.

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