Why People Need To Shift To iCloud+

Throughout my whole life, I’ve never been a subscriber. With the exception of my cellular plan, I’ve never paid a subscription fee to use my iPhone’s internet capabilities on a regular basis. My life has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. Joyfully. However, recently, my Google picture storage has become full. Google, as you may be aware, eliminated the free storage option in June of 2020.

Since then, I’ve been painstakingly uploading all of my photos and videos to drive or dropbox. However, the moment has come for me to purchase storage space. It occurred to me that I should lessen my dependency on Google as well. As a result, I agreed to give iCloud a run for its money.


Extra Storage — 50GB base

For only $0.99 per month, I signed up for iCloud+’s basic subscription. My initial 5GB of free storage was increased to an impressive 50GB. It’s the most fundamental benefit of an iCloud upgrade. Many of my academic documents, media, communications, WhatsApp dumps, full-device backup data, and more may now be stored in this 50 GB area. I no longer have to pay attention to my iCloud storage balance. There’s no way I’m not going to feed my iCloud data till it starts screaming, “Hey look! My stomach is growling.


Hide My Email


Apple, you’ve got my respect. I didn’t realize I needed it. The Hide My Email function may come in handy if you’ve ever been hesitant to give up your personal email address to an unknown site or person. Despite its simplicity, it has a wide range of applications.

Make as many distinct randomized email addresses as you desire, and they’ll keep your email private from the rest of the world. Fill out an online form or join up for an online service, and then you may use this email address as a fake one for pranks and other things you don’t want to expose your genuine email address to.

HomeKit Secure Video


Apple’s HomeKit is a platform that allows you to interact and run IoT-enabled products in your house or business using your Apple device. Apple’s iCloud+ service lets you back up the past 10 days of HomeKit security camera video. iCloud space will not be impacted by this video, since it is an Apple-provided allotment. Your iCloud+ plan determines how many cams you may fit into your account:

  • 0 GB plan: Single camera
  • 200 GB plan: Upto five cameras
  • 2 TB plan: Unlimited number of cameras

Private Relay


Hopefully, this image gives you a sense of what Private Relay is all about. Let me go through everything with you step-by-step so that you understand exactly how it works. The term ‘Private Relay’ often leads people to believe that it is a virtual private network (VPN). It does the same thing, which is to protect your online identity, however, it isn’t the same thing. It’s both less and more at the same time.

So there you have it: all the capabilities that have left me dumbfounded and convinced me never to terminate my iCloud+ membership. Even though I’ve seen the 50 GB plan and HomeKit video storage capabilities before, it was fun to experiment with the Hide My Email as well as Private Relay options that are only available to Apple customers.