How to be more productive and improve your professional performance.

How to be more productive and improve your professional performance and dp for insta

We live in a hustling and bustling world, where information is traveling incredibly fast. We always have something to do and some information to consume. Have you ever been watching a YouTube video instead of your work responsibilities? We believe everyone has faced a situation like this. Or, sometimes, when you’re trying to focus, you see a hot news banner. Of course, you can’t miss it. There are a lot of triggers, which are meant to distract you from your everyday commitment. Don’t blame yourself for being too lazy and unable to concentrate. It’s a popular tendency, and almost everyone has issues with productivity. Nevertheless, productivity is a good thing.

Especially if you’re a career-oriented person. Productivity is associated with the feeling that your time hasn’t been wasted. When you’re spending your time on something that brings actual results, you feel satisfied. Satisfaction is enjoyable and leads to success. That’s why you should try to be more productive and leave the things that don’t really serve you. There are some useful tips to improve your productivity. Before we start sharing them with you, we want to show you dp for insta by Toolzu. The service will help you to spend less time on social media and download profile pics privately. Dp for Instagram is legal and free of charge.

Limit your presence on social media

If you haven’t missed the introduction, this point might seem pretty obvious to you. Social webs are the main enemies of productivity nowadays. Especially, when you’re a freelance worker. All these news banners and social media posts can be incredibly distracting. You may constantly chat with your friends and study their content. Then you notice that you should have started working hours ago. Casual situation.

Deleting your social media accounts is extreme, of course. It’s not something we suggest you do. We understand that being out of social media completely can make someone feel out of this world, as we are used to consuming a lot of information. Self-control is key. You should remember to prioritize your responsibilities. Set a timer to limit the time you spend on social media. This will help you to come back to reality. 

Information filtering

The Internet makes us get interested in something we don’t really need. You just find one article, and then you get to another one, ending up reading something unexpected. Or, when you are watching your friend’s Instagram profile, you click on another friend’s profile, ending up on the Instagram page of their cousin.  Think about how all this information can help your career or personal life. Yeah, there is no way it can be helpful. That’s why you should try hard to avoid it and all the distractions it causes. Focus on the time you can save.

Efficient planning

Psychologists keep constantly talking about planning. Planning is the best way to organize your time. Creating a plan, especially when you’re aware of the things you need to do, is pretty easy. You just need a piece of paper and a pen to write down all the points you need to complete. But you know what is difficult? To actually keep up with the plan. When you start, you notice that there are a lot of things you want to postpone for later and that you’ve violated your timing already. 

Sticking to the plan requires a lot of self-discipline, you need to develop. Use special apps and services for help. They will help you to organize your schedule and complete all your tasks. They usually contain special reminders, and you won’t forget anything you need to do.

Start with the most difficult tasks

Do you know why people usually postpone their tasks and procrastinate? Surprisingly, not because they are lazy. We procrastinate when we’re scared to experience negative emotions regarding a difficult task. That’s why doing them at the very beginning will save you a lot of time on other tasks, which seem easier. Just imagine the satisfaction you get after completing a challenging task! It will give you the strength and motivation to continue working.

Make breaks

Those who work well, rest well. The human brain is not used to focusing on something for a very long time. To give your brain a break, you need a good rest. Include small breaks for about 15-20 minutes after completing every task. 

The fact that you will take a rest after a task gives you additional motivation as well.

Productivity is not easy. It is a skill to master. To be productive, you need to practice self-discipline and time management. However, we can promise you that your work will be paid off. 

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