Google Blending Duo and Meet in One Standalone Application

Because of all the quips concerning Google murdering stuff haphazardly, I’m irritated. Since I’m so intertwined with the ecosystem, any types of shift generally have a significant impact on my life. For Google’s newest murder victim, Duo, the video-calling service is getting integrated with Meet into a single application. In spite of my irritation, this is just another illustration of why so many gags about Google killing people are so popular.

In a blog article outlining the upgrade, Google outlined the transition strategy for Duo’s timely farewell. Virtual backdrops and the option to plan a video conference with multiple people are among the new capabilities that will be added to the Duo application in the coming days and weeks. It will also allow video calls with as many as 100 individuals, and subtitles will be provided.

Google Duo Meet

There’s Still Time

Google isn’t going to switch Duo over to Meet until the end of the year formally. As soon as it happens, the interface you get on your Android handset and on Google Assistant-powered smart displays ought to be similar. Emails, contact, and chat history will all be intact, and users won’t need to install a fresh application.

Google Meet, which could be accessed from a PC or Chromebook, was formerly intended for business usage, whereas Google Duo was designed for smartphone use. Team calls, entertaining visuals, as well as the option to send video notes if the individual on the other end couldn’t grab them were some of the advantages of Google’s Duo.

When I first started using Google Duo, I referred to it as Android’s equivalent of FaceTime, but I only used it to communicate with my close friends and no one else. My friend’s instant reaction when I informed him about Google’s impending enhancements to Duo was, “finally.” Because of this, Google had to discontinue its two separate video chat applications.

Google Duo Meet

As far as I can tell, the corporation agrees with me. It’s crucial to know how users decide which product to employ for what task and under what conditions, according to Google Workspace director Javier Soltero in an interview with The Verge. Google discovered that people use their Google profile or Gmail handle to conduct their business. The only thing you need now is the email address of the person you want to get in touch with. It’s comparable to the architecture powering Apple’s FaceTime.

Despite the fact that Google Duo is being phased out of existence, its spirit will live on. The remainder of its capabilities, such as the entertaining parts I highlighted before, should be included in the redesigned application. It eliminates the need for video calls to be initiated via third-party applications like WhatsApp.

With Google Duo’s iOS accessibility, it was difficult to persuade any iPhone or iPad-wielding friends or family members to install additional applications to contact my Android smartphone or Google smart display. The only thing we’ll require from one another moving ahead will be our own Google profiles.