Awesome Productivity Applications To Make Your Life Easy

As a productivity fanatic, you may find yourself continually testing and installing new programs. This has been going on for some time now and you’re fed up with constantly adjusting your timetable. Some of you may be of the opinion that productivity tips are ineffective. I’ve been using the same productivity applications for the last several years without making any adjustments. They don’t need any of my time or money, yet they’ve been the foundation of my initiatives for the last several years.

So, here we go.

1. Ulysses

Productivity Applications

Scrivener and Atticus, for example, are authoring tools specifically tailored for book publication. However, they’re just useful for authoring novels. In addition to doing my boring homework, I also compose blog posts, lesson plans, client work, and romance. I’m a multi-genre writer. I’m looking for a system that can manage all I’m throwing at it. Ulysses is the only application capable of doing this.

This is a wonderful application. My life would be a complete mess without it. Ulysses is a simple markdown editor that looks great. There are also wonderful tools for organizing documents. This is topped off with an incredible export procedure that makes structuring a 100-page paper a three-minute task. After that, they installed it on my computer, iPad, and smartphone. I can scribble down a thought while waiting in the queue for food and return to it on my laptop the next session with ease.

 2. Mac OS Calendar

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It is reasonable to assume that a productivity author would possess a cutting-edge productivity system that included many stylishly designed apps that chimed mindful messages at AI-determined optimal occasions. That’s not my style. The Mac OS Calendar is the next component of my basic productivity strategy. I’m sure there are other calendar applications out there that can do a lot more. Calendar applications, like to-do apps, are sometimes overrun with a bewildering array of mostly pointless “productivity” functions. As far as my calendar software goes, there are just 3 tasks I want it to do:

  1. Add events
  2. See Upcoming Events
  3. Sync with Goggle Calendar


Productivity Applications

To-do list applications have to meet my exacting standards if I’m going to use them. It’s simple to create a terrible one, which is why there are so many awful ones. It’s a lot more difficult to construct a gorgeous and reliable one, and there aren’t many of them.  There is no better productivity app out there than TickTick. All of the features you could possibly desire in a to-do app are offered here.

Want to stack six categories, one on top of the other and six levels deep into one another? That’s TickTick’s job. A kanban board is a great way to keep track of your tasks, whether you’re using an agile framework or another kind of classification system. That’s what TickTick does. Compose a task with three distinct due dates and three different completion dates. That’s what TickTick does. What if you’d want to plan your labor in advance and allocate chores to certain days of the week? TickTick is able to carry out all you need.