Awesome Note-Taking Applications To Use in 2022

The flexibility to take notes on the go is a huge time-saver and productivity booster. They are useful for anyone who needs an online workspace to keep track of their work, whether they are a trainee or a working professional, as these digital spaces make it easy to organize and access documents and information. The note-taking app market expands in tandem with the expansion of the remote workforce and the number of students enrolled in online courses.

With that being said, here are the best industry-leading note-taking applications.

1. Evernote

Note-Taking Applications

Because of its incredibly wide file compatibility, Evernote is a compelling option. Written memos, voice snippets, pictures in jpg or PSD format, PDF files, digitized written sheets, Slack chats, messages, webpages, and more can all be stored and accessed in Evernote. Using the smartphone app Evernote, customers may scan text, photos, and sheets from books directly onto their devices. Evernote lets its customers clip thoughts from the internet and store them straight to their accounts.

2. OneNote

Note-Taking Applications

Take notes with ease with Microsoft’s OneNote. It’s one of the top applications for taking notes on the fly, and it comes with all the bells and whistles you could want from a note-taking solution. Any part of the dashboard screen may be used for dragging, dropping, inserting files, or sketching. To facilitate integration with other Microsoft applications, OneNote is fully compatible with the O365 platform. The tags in OneNote may be used for a variety of purposes. If a user wants to be reminded of a piece of writing at a later time, they may add a reminder tag to it.

3. Roam Research

Note-Taking Applications

Unlike traditional note-taking methods, Roam Research allows users to internally connect one note to the next and construct a web of content, as opposed to depending on folders and tags. You may easily create associations between notes and get a visual depiction of the relationships between your notes.   The sole downside of Roam Research is that customers need an active internet connection in order to view their notes.

4. Bear

Note-Taking Applications

Bear is the finest application for Markdown fans of the ones we recommend. Unfortunately, it’s just macOS/iOS supported at the moment, so Windows fans will need to look elsewhere. Bear not just supports Markdown, but also features a mixed Markdown writer, so customers can view their Markdown formatting in real-time. By limiting itself to only a few key functions, Bear provides a very responsive and enjoyable user interface. Bear, however, can only be utilized on Apple’s Mac and iPhone platforms.


Those are just a handful of the best note-taking applications we know of, although there are many more to choose from. We suggest taking benefit of free trial offerings before committing to a paid membership while you complete your quest for the ideal note-taking application.

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