Best Web Scraping Tools To Try In 2022

The term “web scraping” refers to the practice of extracting information from the World Wide Web and saving it in a separate repository. Every company that aspires to the top in its field should use this practice. It may provide clients with a wealth of data useful in making important strategic decisions. Customers may face difficulties such as avoiding IP bans, solving captchas, properly parsing source code, as well as javascript generation while attempting to do these tasks.

Every project has unique requirements, and the Internet provides access to resources that can satisfy them all. For this reason, I have prepared a list of the top web scraping tools, both free and premium.

1. WebScrapingAPI


It’s a web scraping API, as the name implies, and signing up for an account is quick, easy, and doesn’t cost a thing. Instant advantages include user-friendliness, dependability, and tolerability. To use WebScrapingAPI, you need to be a programmer or at least somewhat tech-savvy. The service is useful for both independent professionals and established organizations seeking growth-critical information.

Using the WebScrapingAPI, users may safely scrape any website by removing any barriers that may be in the way. Therefore, users will not encounter any issues associated with CAPTCHAs, firewalls, or IP re-assignment. With the use of a basic API, it can scrape the HTML from any website.

2. ScraperAPI

scraperapi homepage

When web scraping, ScraperAPI facilitates client administration of proxies, and browsers, including CAPTCHAs. With only one API request, they may get a page’s HTML code. For programmers interested in creating highly scalable scrapers, there is no better option than ScraperAPI. The API takes care of issues like proxies, browsers, as well as CAPTCHAs so that programmers may easily get plain HTML from any site.

Client proxy administration is among the primary areas of focus for ScraperAPI. As a result, it handles its unique inner database of millions of proxies from various sources.

3. Diffbot

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Diffbot employs ML and lets users tailor their crawler setup. These can crawl the web and retrieve information automatically by leveraging the system’s application programming interfaces. Businesses requiring specialized data crawling as well as screen scraping solutions are Diffbot’s primary target audience. Particularly those that regularly scrape webpages with an ever-evolving HTML framework.

The process of finding useful information on a web page is being replaced by computer vision rather than traditional HTML parsing. In this regard, Diffbot is unique among available APIs. To be more precise, this function aids clients in keeping their scrapers operational despite modifications to a page’s HTML.

4. Mozenda

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To sum it up, Mozenda is a cloud-based service that facilitates extensive web scraping. Enterprises of any size that need a scalable cloud-based service for data scraping will find Mozenda an ideal resource. Enterprise clients may now make use of this instrument to scrape the web using their powerful cloud infrastructure.

Data extraction projects may be created in the application, and then agents, outputs, and exports can be managed on the web interface. Since the program has a steep learning curve, you’ll need to understand more than just the fundamentals of programming to utilize it effectively.