5 Reasons to Bring Alexa Home This Year

It is hard to believe that smart speakers have been around for so long already. In 2014, Amazon released the first generation of the Echo speaker. Seven years had passed since then, roughly. Fast forwards to 2022, now are the ideal moment to bring Alexa home.

Here’s why!!

1. The improved AI


The AI business has come a long way since its early stages. In the beginning, Siri was the best-recognized voice assistant. It was launched in 2011 along with the iPhone 4S. When Siri first came out, it was limited to simple activities like phoning or messaging someone, writing an email and predicting the climate. It was more of a voice command reader than a true voice assistant. Humor, sarcasm, and current events were all alien concepts to it.

Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated assistant, was unveiled three years after it. Everybody embraced it as a welcome change of pace. Alexa became the smart speaker featuring voice assistants when the former was only available on iPhones. The Echo speakers, despite Amazon’s claims that they were intelligent, were anything but clever.

Alexa, on the other hand, has been constantly improving over the years. In this manner: Most of the world’s languages are now supported by Alexa. It is always being improved and upgraded to stay up with the latest trends. As a result, the AI’s speech comes off as more human-like. Stars have provided the voiceovers for it. In other words, you may ping your favorite A-lister with questions on the current weather and more.

2. The Skills Store


While Alexa is capable of nearly anything, she is not limitless. It can provide you with a hamburger recipe, but it cannot prepare it for you. The Alexa app’s skills store lets customers add additional capabilities to their Echo speakers. Every week, Alexa adds new talents to her repertoire of more than 100,000. The abilities fall into a variety of areas. There are a variety of abilities that can help you relax, take naps, follow the articles from media outlets, learn another language, or meet your religious requirements. For any need, there are countless options available.
To begin the installation process, simply go to the store and select an app. It will instantly synchronize with all of your Amazon Echo speakers.

3. The Current lineup


The latest Echo gadgets are fantastic. For the time being, Amazon is still selling the older 3rd version of Echo alongside the newer 4th model. The Echo of the Fourth Generation is a triumph. It has a pleasing shape. The microphones have been upgraded, and the audio quality has also been increased. In addition to the Echo and Echo Dot of the 5th generation, the tech giant also offers the following three more models:

  1. Echo Flex
  2. Echo Input
  3. Echo Studio

The Echo Flex has the allure of a power adaptor. Just plug it in and it is ready for use. No room for wire got it. Echo Flex is small, stylish, and portable all at once. Having it in your selected rooms does not require you to give up any of your existing space. In addition to being wireless, the Echo Input serves as a limited-edition speaker from the company.  An in-built battery powers the speaker. Designed for professional use, the Echo Studio is promoted as a high-performance speaker. It is bigger, has more amplifiers, and has superior microphones than anything else on the market right now.