WhatsApp Communities: All you need to know

Communities, a group-related feature that has been in the works for months, has now been unveiled by WhatsApp. Although the feature will not be available to all users right away, WhatsApp will gradually roll it out. In a word, the Communities feature lets WhatsApp users to aggregate many group chats into a single location, thereby building a community of different groups with similar goals.

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“We built WhatsApp Communities to make it much easier to organize all your group chats and find information. We’re also adding new features to groups on WhatsApp, including reactions, large file sharing, and bigger group calls.”

– Mark Zuckerberg

Learn more about WhatsApp Communities in this article, how managers will be able to manage them, and whether the service will be secure.

What’s WhatsApp Community?

People would be able to bring together diverse groups under one tent with a framework that works for them using WhatsApp Communities. WhatsApp believes that by doing so, users will receive all updates relating to a community created around a single topic. WhatsApp Communities, as indicated in the title image, will bring numerous groups together and allow managers to send messages to all of them instantly.

Administrators will be in charge of building and administering WhatsApp Communities. Admins will have the ability to select which groups will become a member of their Community, either by creating new groups or adding existing groups. Furthermore, group admins will be able to unlink groups from the Community as well as remove individual members from the Community. Furthermore, group admins will be able to delete improper or abusive discussions or media for all group members.

Considering the confidential nature of these communities’ chats, WhatsApp will continue to safeguard messages using end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only members of the particular groups may see them. This security technology safeguards important interactions between corporations, government agencies, and individuals.


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