Six U.S. State Government Servers Have Been Hacked By China

Mandiant, a cybersecurity company, has conducted a fresh study showing that a well-known Chinese hacking organization has infiltrated the databases of at least 6 U.S. state agencies. It’s unclear what states were targeted by the hacker effort, but analysts believe the organization involved is APT41, a renowned menace notorious for stirring up problems.

During the past year, the organization is claimed to have used a wide range of susceptible channels and programs to infiltrate governmental institutions. APT41 is recognized for its cyber warfare skills, although the purpose of the attack activity remains unknown.


The Hackers Abused The USAHERDS

An agricultural software dubbed USAHERDS— an acronym for the Animal Health Emergency Reporting Diagnostic System—is utilized by regional authorities to track sickness in the cattle populace. In many instances, the intruders are believed to have abused the insecure program.

Persistence to gain access into government networks, exemplified by re-compromising previous victims and targeting multiple agencies within the same state, (shows) that whatever they are after it is important,” We have found them everywhere, and that is unnerving.”

Security flaws in software that is utilized by at minimum 18 counties enabled attackers to get access to every system operating USAHERDS. Some of APT41’s attacks took advantage of safety holes in log4j, a popular open database management system.

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In addition to “Barium” and “Winnti,” the aforementioned APT41 is already known for its activities as early as 2012. It is well-known for its extensive involvement in computer crimes as well as its surveillance work in favor of the Chinese authorities.

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“Through all the new, some things remain unchanged: APT41 continues to be undeterred by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) indictment in September 2020,” the Mandiant report states.

The U.S. Federal Office charged five accused employees of the organization in connection with the case in 2020 for a massive cyber rampage that encompassed hacks into the infrastructure of scores of private firms and the misappropriation of huge amounts of money.

Despite the Biden leadership’s announcements of extra measures to protect federal office networks from theft, individual states continue to stay attractive prey for cybercriminals.


Crypto-jacking, extortion, and larceny of “programming language, computer code signature credentials, user financial accounts, as well as significant company secrets” were all said to be among the party’s illicit actions in the accusation.