What is ‘Alarmbot’? RIOT’s new report system

Valorant, a 5V5 tactical competitive shooter has been well known for its fast responses and strict punishments to cheating, disrespectful & toxic behavior, or any type of behavior which may lead to bad community engagements in general.

Riot is known to have a very healthy relationship with its community. And it wants to introduce a new report system for VALORANT and is already under testing, according to a Turkish community member of Riot.

ZERO TOLERANCE “Alarmbot” system for VALORANT

“Alarmbot” was revealed with a tweet by Bahadir Guven, a Riot community member from Turkey. The tweet mentioned that the new reporting system “Alarmbot” will be a tool designed to remove toxic players who perform ZERO-TOLERANCE behavior in-game.

What Behaviors will be termed as Zero Tolerance?

According to RIOT, Zero tolerance behavior includes “Those that exhibit the most extreme towards other players.” This means any behavior which will lead to other players feeling unsafe, serious discomfort, or making one feel heavily violated is termed as zero tolerance and will be punished by RIOT.

How does the “Alarmbot” reporting works?

Riot wants to create an environment where everyone can play games more enjoyable and with “Alarmbot” Riot believes it to be possible.

It is a very simple system. This is a system which doesn’t include AI or machine learning but actual human beings who will one by one go through the reports submitted by the community and it heavily relies on the community to work.

It works as follows, When a player encounter behavior in the Zero-tolerance category, he needs to take a screenshot or video recording by any means and send a Riot ID of the player who did the behavior via [email protected] or under the “Report Player” option on the player support system.

The process can be accelerated if the date of the encounter and the players own Riot ID are also included in the report.

This is the right step by the RIOT games for reduced toxicity and better community health overall. It is still in testing in the turkey region, which was chosen for its worldwide size and the breadth of its community.