5 Important WhatsApp Privacy Features You should Know

Whatsapp is the most used messaging app in India, trusted for its end-to-end encryption of messages and its now heavy integration with Indian society.

Due to its popularity, the user may experience spam, telemarketing, and much more, but the company is moderating these incidences, with the goal of keeping the privacy of its user safe.

The developer at Whatsapp have worked day and night to keep their platform safe and secured and here are some privacy features which WhatsApp has that you should start using right now:

Setup 6-Digit PIN

Whatsapp now has a 6-digit PIN for accessing your Whatsapp account. This extra layer of security was added with the two-step verification process. You can activate this feature by going to the settings menu in the app.

Enable disappearing messages

This feature was added recently and was heavily advertised. It allows a user to send a message to someone that disappears after a certain duration.

This feature is supposed to provide privacy by making the message disappear twenty-four hours, seven days, or ninety days after the time they are sent. These messages are not saved in backup as well.

View Once feature

Another feature which was added recently. This feature, as the name suggests, makes the message disappear as viewing just once.

Block and Report

If you are annoyed by spam, just want to stop chatting with someone, or feel dangerous of messages sent by another user, Whatsapp has a feature to block and report the user. This prevents their messages from reaching you and also alerts other users and Whatsapp of its existence.

Fingerprint Lock for your chats

Whatsapp has a feature of enforcing fingerprint lock or face ID for iPhone users, to your Whatsapp account. This is a feature that has been available for a while but isn’t known by the masses. To enable this feature Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock.