5 Reasons Children Must Learn to Code

We are seeing many revolutions in the education system around us. During the lockdown, we have seen how technology has become an integral part of education and our daily lives.

This article will focus on why children must learn to code. These opinions are based on discussions from my teachers and my journey as a computer science undergrad.

Why Kids Should Learn Programming?

1. Coding is a way to learn problem-solving


Problem-solving is a fundamental skill that every person needs regardless of life goals or subjects. Coding presents new challenges that kids must overcome by coming up with different approaches. Coders learn to use maths as a tool to solve a problem logically. Learning practical aspects of maths makes young students better at logical thinking.

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2. Programming helps children explore and learn


Students of younger ages have immense curiosity and desire to learn the fundamentals of how things work. That’s why children find it fascinating to take part in co-curricular activities. Programming gives young learners their very own sandbox where they can experiment and learn new things. And the joy of building new things is helpful for them in the long run.

3. Coding unlocks the creative side of kids


Programming gives young students their own sandbox and limitless resources to perform experiments. Kids get creative fast when they have the necessary skills to turn their ideas into real things. The feeling of creating something useful is gratifying when it comes to learning a new skill.

4. Coding is fun to learn


Contrary to popular myth, coding can be a fascinating skill to learn. The feeling of solving a logical problem by themselves boosts their confidence and helps unlock their full potential. Programming languages like scratch allows kids to understand concepts through colors and visual cues.

Exposing kids to programming at younger ages bust their phobia and make them comfortable in the field. Thus, such students have lesser trouble building a career in the IT industry.

5. Programming is the Future


As we live in the age of digitization and automation, many jobs involving manual work are being replaced by automated systems. And such systems require immense planning and maintenance, so with time, the demand for skilled software engineers is rising. India alone is leading the world in the number of jobs in the IT sector.

Many schools and universities are now including programming as a compulsory subject in their curriculum. Kids who start coding at younger ages have a broad view of the industry and their careers.


Programming, in general, improves the problem-solving skills of people. Exposing kids to this field unlocks their curious minds and helps develop their problem-solving skills. Many platforms like code.org and codecademy.com on the internet provide free courses for kids.