10 Best Movie Torrent Sites in 2024 (Updated Links)

There was a time when movies downloaded from torrents were quite common. However, with the recent rise in online streaming and piracy crackdown, movie torrent sites are going down one by one. But, torrent users and sites always find their way to stay online.

Movie torrents essentially serve as a substitute for DVDs, Blu-rays, and CDs. Most internet users are familiar with torrenting, which is a useful tool. It’s a unique method of file sharing that has regrettably earned a bad name in the media because of piracy.

Several torrent sites and torrent search engines have risen and fallen throughout the years, with many of them being forced to close. There are, however, sites that have managed to endure and remain popular. In this post, we’ll look through the top 10 torrent sites for movies that are still active.

Best movie torrent sites in

Please note some of these websites may not work at your location. But, there are mirror sites and proxies that can be used as alternatives. This article is just for information and educational purposes, avoid downloading any content that is pirated.

1. The Pirate Bay

best torrent websites to download movies

On number one we have The Pirate Bay, which is a prominent torrent site with a lot of features. This torrent site provides certified torrents in a variety of genres, including movies, television series, games, software, and more. The Pirate Bay’s user interface is basic, with simply a search bar on the homepage. The Top 100 section contains a list of the most popular torrents, which is updated regularly.

It should also be noted that The Pirate Bay is prohibited in several nations. As a result, you should look at the best Pirate Bay proxy sites.

2. 1337X

best torrent websites to download movies

1337X is the third and most trustworthy torrent website to download movies on the list. This well-designed torrent site has a large number of torrent files and magnet links. Users may share the greatest torrent files for free download on 1337x.

The content of 1337X is nicely organized into several categories such as music, software, movies, and much more. You can look for the best 1337x alternatives in case the website is not working for you.

3. YTS (Yify Torrent)

best torrent websites to download movies

The second best movie torrent site is YTS, which is quite popular among movie fans. You may quickly download a large number of well-known and unique movies in 720p, 1080p, and 3D resolution with YTS.

YTS, like Torrent, offers a well-designed user interface that makes finding and browsing movies a breeze. For each film, YTS also gives extensive information such as last names, trailers, and synopses. On YTS, unlike other Torrent alternatives, you will only be able to discover movie torrents.


best torrent websites to download movies

ORARBG is the best torrent website to download movies. RARBG, like Torrent, has a massive collection of torrent files and magnet links. RARBG’s content is organized into categories such as movies, games, e-books, and much more.

The RARBG website offers a very basic and easy-to-use interface, and it only shows confirmed torrents. Finally, RARBG has a section dedicated to torrent-related news. Here are the best RARBG alternatives if this torrent site is not working for you.

5. KickAssTorrents

best torrent websites to download movies

Kickass Torrents is the fourth safe torrent site for downloading free movies (Katcr). This new website was created by a bunch of former KickassTorrent employees. The user interface of Kickass Torrents is straightforward to use.

Kickass Torrents, like other torrent sites, organizes their content into categories such as movies, television series, music, games, applications, and more. Finally, filtering options such as categories, sub-categories, and intervals make finding material on katcr.co a breeze. If you are not able to access the site, you can check the KickAss proxy list and alternatives

6. Zooqle

best torrent websites to download movies

Zooqle is a great torrent substitute for movie buffs. Zooqle’s well-designed user interface makes it stand out from the pack. Zooqle, unlike the other websites on the list, exclusively offers movies and television series.

Every movie or TV program on Zooqle also has extensive information such as actors, directors, and release dates. Zooqle provides an easy one-click download option, as well as the flexibility to select video quality.

Last but not least, Zooqle’s homepage highlights the most recently uploaded movies and TV series.

7. Torlock

best torrent websites to download movies

Torlock is one of several torrent services that only allows users to download verified movie torrents. As a result, there will be no bogus torrent material on Torlock. Its site, this popular Torrent website lists some of the most popular torrents.

Torlock’s material, like that of other Torrent competitors, is nicely categorized into categories like movies, TV series, games, e-books, and more.


best torrent websites to download movies

EZTV is one of the best torrent sites to download movies. EZTV’s user interface appears to be old, yet it is still a feature-rich torrent service.

EZTV features a large library of unique movies, music, and television series. In addition, the website’s homepage features the most recent torrent news. In general, EZTV is an excellent torrent site for media fans.

9. LimeTorrents

best torrent websites to download movies

The eighth torrent option is very new, but it has garnered considerable popularity owing to its useful features. LimeTorrents provides one-click movie torrent downloads that are verified.

LimeTorrents, like other torrent competitors, organizes material into categories such as movies, games, music, anime, TV programs, and software.

10. SeedPeer

best torrent websites to download movies

Last, but not least, we have SeedPeer as the next best torrent website to download movies. SeedPeer, like Torrent, offers a well-designed user interface that makes finding relevant torrents a breeze. Every torrent file’s age, size, seeds, peers, and health are displayed by SeedPeer.

The fresh torrents from the last 48 hours are also displayed on SeedPeer’s site. SeedPeer’s content is likewise divided into several categories. It’s worth mentioning that SeedPeer is simply a rebranded version of Meganova, a popular decade-old torrent service.


So there you have it, some of the finest torrent options worth looking into. I hope you found this list of the finest sites similar to torrents useful.