How Freelancers Can Help Grow Your Tech Business

Even though the “Big Four” (Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google) account for roughly 20% of the overall market, as many as 585,000 tech companies are currently in business in the US. Indeed, the tech industry is undoubtedly booming (growing by 6% in 2021) and competition is tighter than ever. By hiring freelancers over in-house staff, you can better ensure the growth of your tech business and keep ahead of the competition.

Focus on more important tasks

When you’re running your own tech business, it’s easy to find yourself taking on too many jobs and spreading yourself too thin — which can result in a drop in quality. Technical and administrative tasks, for example, including admin, graphic design, data entry, website management, and app development, each require considerable time and attention.
By hiring a freelancer to complete technical and support roles, you can free up your time and focus on key business processes, which in turn helps you optimize for growth. Freelancers can also help your business become more adaptable, flexible, and able to say yes to new opportunities (particularly short-term projects). This is a key quality that can help your business stay ahead of competitors who still do everything in-house.

Save money

Freelancers can help save your tech business money. In fact, 59% of businesses who outsource use it as a key way of cutting costs. With outsourcing, you can avoid the expenses involved in hiring new employees, including recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding.
Moreover, with a freelance professional, there’s no need to budget and plan for office space, expensive equipment, salary, and benefits like Medicare, Social Security, and other payroll taxes. Freelancers can provide you with their specialized skills while completing work remotely.
And, with a structured and efficient hiring process, you can be sure to quickly identify the best candidate for a given job. Asking the right questions during the interview process, in particular, will help you find the right talent needed to grow your tech business.

Fill specialized roles easily

When you run your tech business solely relying on full-time employees, you’re naturally restricted to a smaller, localized talent pool. So, when a specialized job crops up, you may have a harder time finding the right person to excel in that role. But, by choosing freelancers, you’ll be able to successfully put together a specialized team while preventing any skills gaps — all without being forced to drop your hiring standards or spend a lot of money relocating new hires.
In fact, the rapidly growing demand for freelancers (there’s now over 60 million freelancers in the US alone) is increasingly seeing highly-skilled technical workers (think: people who used to work for Apple, Tesla, Facebook, and Amazon) choosing freelance work over full-time roles.
Freelancers can play a key role in growing your tech business. By allowing you to focus on more important tasks, save money, and fill specialized roles easily, freelancers offer unparalleled value, speed, and flexibility.