Twitter Will Soon Let User Receive Tips In Bitcoin, Ethereum Via Tip Jar Feature

It has been discovered that Twitter is working on allowing users to add Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to their profiles to accept tips in monetary form.

Possibly, the new function is intended to improve upon the Tip Jar feature, which was launched by the microblogging network earlier this year.

Twitter is working on the possibility for users to collect tips in Bitcoin through the Tip Jar feature, which will be available soon. In a discussion with analysts and investors in July, CEO Jack Dorsey hinted that cryptocurrency will be included, stating that it was a “significant component” of the company’s future.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile app developer, has discovered references to Twitter adding the option for users to add Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to their profiles. The developer sent out a tweet with three pictures to demonstrate the additional choices available to players.

According to the first screenshot, users will be able to copy Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to send tips in either of the two cryptocurrencies using the Tip Jar function. Twitter appears to allow users to add Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to their Twitter profiles in the second and third screenshots, respectively.

Following up on his previous tweets indicating the addition of Bitcoin and Ethereum address choices, Paluzzi on Wednesday shared another image, this time indicating the addition of Bitcoin support to the Tip Jar function. You may also be interested to know What is Bitcoin? Some Pros and Cons about the Bitcoin.

The screenshot shared by Paluzzi, on the other hand, suggests that Twitter is considering using payment transfer technologies, such as the Lightning Network, to allow tipping in Bitcoin on its site in the future.

The picture also suggested that Twitter would utilize Strike to produce crytocurrency Lightning invoices for the bitcoin tips that users would get through the site. Twitter has not confirmed this claim.

According to Paluzzi in a recent tweet, users will not be forced to link their Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to their Strike accounts when inputting their Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses.

According to a report by MacRumors, the work for cryptocurrency tips has been recommended for iOS beta code using the Twitter platform. However, it is not currently available to beta testers at this time.

In May, Twitter launched its Tip Jar tool, which allows producers, journalists, and NGOs to monetize their tweets by accepting contributions in exchange for them.

Users were previously allowed to post links to their Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, Paypal, and Venmo accounts to get tips from their followers, according to the company’s initial release.

That, however, looks to be only the beginning, as the site claims to be introducing cryptocurrencies as additional payment methods soon.

For a long time, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been an evangelist for cryptocurrencies. At the end of August, he predicted that Bitcoin will “unify a profoundly divided nation.” During Twitter’s quarterly earnings call in July, Dorsey described the company’s future as a “significant part.”

In response to a question on how he sees Bitcoin becoming an essential part of Twitter, he stated, “I think there’s a lot more innovation beyond currency to be had, especially as we think about decentralizing social media further and giving more economic incentive.”

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