5 Features To Look For In A New Android Phone (2021)

In today’s world, choosing a phone is more difficult than choosing where to eat lunch. In the first instance, there’s the debate over Android vs. iPhone, which has sparked a variety of heated responses.

There are several manufacturers to select from if you decide to go with Android as your operating system. Although they are all in different price ranges and have a variety of features and designs, there are key characteristics that everyone should look for in a new phone.

When it comes to shopping for a new Android phone, the year 2021 has shown to be a very successful one. Here are a few characteristics to look for when purchasing a new Android smartphone.

1. The quality of the camera

When it comes to incorporating more powerful cameras into their gadgets, new Android smartphones are pushing the frontiers of technology.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G was just introduced, and it comes with a wide-angle lens, two telephoto lenses, and an ultra-wide-angle lens as well as other advanced features. Even if some believe that this is the greatest Android photography phone on the market, other manufacturers are rapidly catching up. Phone cameras are improving to the point that they are making professional cameras useless for all but the most serious photographers.

2. The flexibility to customize

The capacity to customize an Android cell phone is another feature that buyers are seeking in a mobile device. Customizability is more essential than ever before, especially in today’s world when everyone wants to get the most out of their smartphones.

It’s never been easier to customize your smartphone, whether it’s by adding new widgets or by adding folders and pages.

These Android phones are also becoming increasingly popular in a variety of colors and styles, allowing for greater individualism and color selection.

3 Price to consider.

People seeking to acquire a new Android phone in 2021 may find that price is one of the most important factors to consider. As capacities improve, so does the cost of doing business.

Even though phone costs are skyrocketing due to the inclusion of top-of-the-line cameras and storage choices, there are still some phones competing for the title of Best Cheap Android Phone.

Samsung, Motorola, and Google are all producing high-performance phones at an affordable price point in NA and some Chinese brands being dominating in Asian subdivisions like Xiaomi, Huwaei, Honor, Realme, Oneplus, and much more.

4. Charging Speed and Mechanism

A phone’s battery life might be a major turnoff if it was not something you took into consideration before purchasing it.

If you are aware that you will not be using your phone much during the day, battery life may not be a major worry. For those who use their phones for business or personal calls, or who know it is difficult to find the time to recharge, battery life is something to strongly consider when purchasing a phone.

You should also think about charging options like wireless charging and the latest Android favorite—USB-C cords—in addition to the traditional methods.

5. There should be plenty of storage space.

Take a last look at what an appropriate quantity of storage space for you involves in your situation.

You snap a lot of photographs, right? You download a lot of books and videos, right? Do you enjoy having a comprehensive selection of music? Alternatively, you could just use your phone for calls, messages, and internet-based services such as social media and email.

You may assign your storage space in a variety of ways. To get the most out of your smartphone, it is critical to select a phone that is capable of meeting your unique requirements.