Valorant : New Agent (Hacker) and Duality Mystery Untangled

In every episode, Valorant: A First-Person tactical shooter game from Riot Games comes in front to reveal a new Map or a new Agent. After the huge speculations of a new Agent in Valorant in Episode 3, We have finally received some hidden clues of the new Agent in the Year One Celebration of Valorant.

Valorant revealed their plans for a New Agent in the Next Patch 3.0 ( Episode 3 – Duality) in the ‘State of the Agents- May Edition’. Where they had put an image of “DATA TRANSFER“.

Data Transfer scaled

Now, If you are wondering where you had seen it, Then you might probably head over to your current Battlepass for the season. Riot has been providing clues for every Agent or Map very cunningly for the past two episodes. They Indeed put a player card in the current Battlepass of FORMATION: ACT 3 marked as “Reboot Card“. The same ‘Data Transfer’ Logo can be spotted clearly in the center of the Teleportation Portal.

Mystery Of Duality :

As can be seen in the recent trailer of Episode 3: DUALITY, We can spot the alternate evil self of Agents, emerging from the Alternate dimension, In the Duality Player card, where five different agents: Cypher, Jett, Viper, Yoru, Phoenix can be spotted jumping into some kind of dimensional portal. Even in Episode 1: IGNITION we saw Phoenix chasing after a Jett, who was tasked to secure the ‘Package’. The Package was enriched with Radianite and sent a part of Italy flying off in the sky. The Story was then continued in the trailer for DUALITY, where there is a mention of the Science division – ‘Kingdom’. Also, In “Bloodline Player Card” we can see two versions of Yoru, where one can be seen as a king of some dynasty, maybe in the Alternate Universe. Yoru is also known as “Dimensional Walker” in its narratives.


Valorant also features a bunch of Agent’s Narratives which has been infused as Agent’s Voice Overs at Pre-Rounds, Post Kill, and Post Rounds. This has also been indicated in a corsage of Agent’s Voice Over narratives where they have been pointing towards another lookalike of themselves.

Cypher’s Narratives :

“Who are you? Copy of me? Where did you come from?”
“I honestly don’t know who the Cypher on their side is, huh, a real mystery.”

Finally, Riot Games have elucidated the theory of dual characters in the latest trailer of “DUALITY”.


New Agent’s Connection to Cypher and Omen:

In the Valorant’s year -1 event post, Jeff Landa successfully managed to conceal a revelation image for the new agent’s nature. According to many speculations surrounding the valorant community, it was said to feature an agent who could hack devices controlled by radianite and teleport through dimensions. New Agent could be the creator of the teleporters set out on the maps of BIND. Bind is a map set out on the western coasts of Rabata, Morocco. Cypher is a Morrocan information broker, who used to tap out every move of enemies.

Cypher e

One of Cypher’s narratives mentions

“I will stop anyone who tries to come through. I must keep my secrets with me.”; 

We can expect a lot of Cypher’s origin and alternate self-revealed with this new agent. Cypher has an Ultimate Ability of “Neural Theft” which is also a type of Neural network hack, disclosing the location of every enemy. Morroco has always been connected to teleporters in one way or other. Thus, We can expect the new agent to either have teleportation abilities, which unlikely won’t be unique to that of Yoru and Omen, but can also expect it to be a geeky agent, who is a “HACKER” or creator of the Teleporters. The New Agent is more like to possess the abilities to be a solo character as Omen. Omen is a phantom ghost agent who can teleport through fields through and unique dimension, but its origin is still in question. It can rightly be surmised that Omen is one agent which can be discussed in further Episodes of Valorant, dawning due to the after-effects to experiments of Dual Universe. Jeff Landa took to Twitter to indicate the future of Omen in his recent tweet dated June 4, 2021, quoting

Some of y’all really wanna know about Omen.

Jeff Landa Omen


Origin of the New Agent “HACKER” :

Riot Developers proctored an image after 2 hours of the initial release of the “Valorant YR- 1 Event” Article. To the Bottom left of which, we can clearly spot a deciphered name of the country “Bhutan” which might be the origin of the new agent. In the Initial image, Riot had deliberately strike-off the names of few agents, such as Brimstone, Omen, Sova, Cypher, Jett, Sage, Viper, Phoenix. But It can be noticed the name which was overlapping the ‘hacker’ symbol belonged to Omen. It might be deliberately put by Riot devs as a clue to the abilities/nature of the new agent. The developer Jeff Landa, indicated the New Agent to be of South Asian origin, most likely.

Post Change


Valorant, which has been very popular since its Closed Beta phase has completed one year and is currently featuring 5 Maps – Ascent, Bind, Split, Haven, and Breeze (The recent map to join the featurette in Formation Act -3). With a set of 15 Different agents categorizing from Duelists, Controllers, Sentinels, Initiators; Valorant community is eagerly eyeing for the 16th Agent – “HACKER”, set out to disclosed with Duality on June 22, 2021. It would be interesting to see what sets of abilities and stories the agent brings to the table to players and Valorant’s fanbase.

Things to keep in mind: This article is based on my deduction and observation of all the Valorant Episodes, Battlepass, and Agent’s Narratives. I have been playing Valorant since the beta phase and keeping a keen eye on the details Valorant pushes out with every New act and Episodes. This article contains what I was able to deduce from my observations.