Top 5 Agents to pick on Breeze Map

Riot Games is regular in providing new maps and agents in every major update of its first-person tactical shooter game- Valorant. Across the period of 1 year, It pushed a handful of new agents and map to its roster. With a list of 15 Agents, It’s really difficult to choose the best squad balance for a map. Let me help you with the best-acknowledged agents on the latest addition to the map: Breeze.

What is Breeze?

Valorant Loading Breeze

In the Formation Act: 3, Riot introduced a brand new map into the game. This map is set on a tropical paradise in the middle of the ocean because Riot developer Jeff Landa wanted a de-stressing map. This map gained a lot of positive appreciation unlike the last edition of Icebox, in its initial impressions. Breeze is one of the biggest if not the biggest map in Valorant so far and offers many open angles for Operator players especially due to the open areas. Along with seaside caves and historic ruins, washed ashore garbage and stranded ships form the foundation of a little civilization on this island.

How to play on Breeze?

Breeze is a site that encloses a classic Mid control open to flanks from both sides. Partial Mid Control in this map is crucial to gain. It cuts out a possible area of flank. Many professional players use smokers namely: Omen, Viper, Brimstone, Astra to cut out angles to peak from.

The Open area on the map is a boon as well as bane according to the comms and play style of the Agents and Players. This map has revolutionized the Competitive scenario of Valorant. Although many players face a lot of complications in understanding the areas of maps. Rush Gameplay on the B-Site is also a good strategy on the map of Breeze. Along with a wall/smoke cutting off the Mid flank, The B Push is one heck of widely used strat on this map.

Which Agents do choose to play on Breeze?

On my personal experience and the reviews gathered from my co-players, These are my TOP 5 picks for the map:


When we talk of a super-aggressive Duelist, Jett is always the first choice to pick from. Jett’s agile and evasive fighting style takes risks no one else can. To counter the open spaces of the map, Jett excels in covering a large distance with her abilities of ‘Dash’ and ‘Updrafts’. Although she doesn’t have the same surprise elements that Omen may have in teleportation, Jett can startle players with her quick movements.

Players have argued in past about the effectiveness of her but the arguments have been settled in this patch. Professional players have proved Jett can be a devastating entry fragger – providing the aim is on point. Breeze’s B Site has Pillars and Sidewalks to make Jett aggressively a good push option. The Open Mid Canyons can be a good place to take control with Jett’s Blade storm. Bladestorm is ultimate that deals moderate-to-heavy damage and remain accurate even while she’s moving.


Top Agent Jett


The Ghanian Agent is the latest addition to Valorant and she’s fundamentally changing the way competitive Valorant is changed, mostly due to her abilities. Astra is though known as a Big-Brain Agent, with her ability rings and abilities such as her Gravity Well and Nova Pulse concuss the enemies. Her Kit is suitable for any map but takes a lot of time planning and efforts in her astral form to make her effective on the maps. If you have the reactive skills to counter those abilities it’s the best pick for maps like breeze. She can clear dense angles using her Gravity Well and smoke the flanks to push into the site or hold it in defense.

She is quite reliant on comms, therefore could be a risky pick to play in solo queue or if you don’t have a player to guard her Astral form.  She possesses one of the beneficial abilities of “Astral Form/Cosmic Divide” which divides the map and blocks bullets and heavily dampens the audio information for enemies. It was speculated as one of the best cutting of wall in the Valorant Roster.

Best Agent


Yoru was the 14th Addition to the Valorant Agent’s List. It features a duelist of Japanese origin. He rips holes straight through reality to infiltrate enemy lines unseen. Using deception and aggression in equal measures. Yoru’ Blindside is a dimensional energy fragment, activating a flash that winds up once it collides with a hard surface in the world. When Combined with Gatecrash it can effectively be used to push into enemy territories or gain information in defense. His Fakeout can be used to mimic footsteps to distract opponents and create a perfect diversion to flank or catch them un-guarded.

His ability to walk into dimensions can be used to gain a huge amount of information on the nemesis. Riot has although pushed a series of bug fixes and buffs to boost him in pick-up choices of players as a Duelist.

Yoru Agent


An American chemist, Viper deploys an array of poisonous chemical devices to control the battlefield and cripple the enemy’s vision. Viper has risen through the ranks after a fair amount of tweaks in the ‘Valorant Patch Notes 2.09‘. With a resulting instant decay of 30 HP from its Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen, It makes her intimidating in mind games. Her ability to isolate parts of the map is great on the breeze as it allows you to get the necessary cover and inflict considerable damage.

Viper’s Pit around the pyramids at A – Site gives her a bamboozling playstyle to lurk and clutch rounds. She can be a solo Controller in defensive plays on A – Site, without sustaining a lot of damage to herself. Her Snake Bite is a necessary evil that is feared more when you know the Post spike lineups on the map. It makes it really difficult for Defenders to guess your location and denies the defuse as well.

Agent Viper


Sova is arguably one of the best Initiators of Valorant. He tracks to find and eliminate enemies with ruthless efficiency and precision. His custom bow and incredible scouting abilities ensure that even if you run, you cannot hide. Sova is a great agent for team plays, with recon abilities and the ability to do a little bit of damage, playing Sova is an Art. Sova’s recon arrows are great for gathering early information on the enemy’s whereabouts. He could be at the top of the list, but if you are new to Valorant, knowing how to use him properly is a pain, and if you’re solo queueing, all that information may not be worth much if your teammates are going it alone.

His Owl Drone is a great tool for initial reconnaissance if your team supports and covers you meanwhile. It tags the enemy for 3 blips if tagged accurately. You can also pair it with either Hunter’s Fury or his Shock bolt to eliminate the enemies or inflict serious damage to them. Picking Sova in your lineup is not about gathering kills, rather making supportive plays.

Sova Agent

These are my few picks for the map from my experience and knowledge about the map. You can catch me playing it on my channelBreeze is yet a very versatile and undiscovered map. Players have been creative in making extraordinary plays with other Agents as well. You as well can give it a try with whatever agents you feel like. At last, everything sums down to game sense and playstyle.

If you find any other agent to be good enough with some strategy and lineups, Comment down below.