Top 5 Certifications to Boost Your Resume and Company Value

Job search has become tremendously difficult, primarily due to the coronavirus pandemic. As economies and companies muddle their way through, they are looking to hire fewer but more talented people that they can rely on to get a job done. 

As many people continue to be displaced from their stable jobs, the competition in the job market rises faster than ever. Under such circumstances, you should strive to set yourself apart from the crowd such that a potential employer unequivocally tags you as an indispensable asset for the company! 

At a microscopic level, setting yourself apart from thousands of other candidates applying for the same job could seem daunting and like an unachievable feat. However, from a broader spectrum of things, the road to success eases out if you plan your steps strategically. 

There are several methods to shine in front of Human Resource (HR) managers and potential employers, like building rapport, having clear goals, being ambitious, and more!  In this article, we focus on how you can prove to be an incredible asset for a company by establishing your expertise with certifications. 

Here are five certifications that you should add to your resume to get shortlisted for a job role and stand out as an asset for a company. 

1. Change Management Certification 

If there is anything that the current world has taught businesses, it is that change is the only constant. Companies need to have redundancies and must take preemptive measures to sustain abrupt and disruptive changes to their socio-economic framework caused by factors outside of organizational control. 

Change management empowers a company to adapt to sudden changes and transform its business model or operational framework to achieve a desired future position or state in the market.


With that said, it is critical to mention that it’s the people that drive the most changes in an organization. Hence, change management drives change by empowering people who, in turn, propel the company forward. 

A change management certification can boost your career by: 

  • Preparing you to lead teams in a dynamic environment 
  • Preparing you to take up change initiatives 
  • Developing your reporting skills 
  • Developing your leadership qualities 

By including this certification in your resume, you automatically become a credible and reliable employee for most in-demand job roles of executive and managerial positions in any large company or division. 

2. ITIL Certification 

ITIL is a framework or set of guidelines that have been developed over a long period to help business professionals provide impeccable service! 

Although ITIL is catered towards benefitting the Information Technology (IT) companies or divisions, it is can also be extended to several other businesses as the instructions are purposefully generic to help you do just that! 

Furthermore, ITIL is not a one-time study process. It evolves with time to compensate for changing industry trends and business practices. 

ITIL has been a game-changer for several companies, including NASA, IBM, Microsoft, and more! Therefore, candidates with an ITIL certification come out as shining stars in a company’s recruitment process. 

3. Diversity and Inclusion Certification 

Diversity refers to the conglomeration of the workers in a company who are different from each other in terms of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, cultural background, geography, political opinion, topical bias, and more. 

Inclusion is creating a work environment that treats diverse sets of people with equal opportunities, dignity, and respect in all aspects. 

For a corporate company, diversity training holds immense value as it teaches its employees or managers the skills required to effectively manage a diverse team.

It incorporates people from different countries and backgrounds and raises awareness within the company about stereotypes and assumptions. As a result, there would be fewer conflicts within the company and better coordination among team members. 

According to a McKinsey report published in 2020, companies that laid the most emphasis on diversity and inclusion saw a profound leap of over 36% in their financial returns in 2019. 

Several free and paid certifications train employees on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Since the certification is not niche-specific, people from any background can be benefitted from it. Thus, having this certification on your resume is a big plus as a candidate. 

4. Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification 

The PMP certification is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is considered the highest cadre for project management certifications. Hence, PMP is the most desired certification and the most recognized around the globe! 

By enrolling in a PMP certification course, you hone all the necessary skills of a Project Manager who can effectively lead and direct a team of professionals in a project or towards a common goal. 

The global recognition of the PMP certification implies that you, as a candidate, are eligible to apply for jobs in companies all around the world and not just in your home country. 

Not everyone can become PMP certified. To acquire a PMP certification, you should first fulfill their eligibility criteria, which also includes a minimum professional project management certification of 36 months! 

PMP certification’s exclusivity and global recognition make it a great add-on for your resume. 

5. Digital Marketing Certification 

Lately, companies, both big and small, are actively undergoing a digital transformation, and that includes their marketing divisions and channels. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, offline marketing sustained a lot of damage as more people realized the effectiveness of digital marketing and want to leverage its power.

Digital marketing broadly branches out into: 

  • Content marketing 
  • Email marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing 
  • Social media marketing 

You may opt for any one of them and dive deep or get certified in all of them and go broad.

There is an abundance of resources online and offline to learn digital marketing. Getting certified by well-reputed institutes will act as a bonus on your resume. 


That was a detailed laydown of the top five certifications that have to go on your professional resume to land a job and bag a big paycheck! Do proper research and choose one that suits you best!

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