Instagram Features That Can Help You Boost Sales

Instagram became a trend a few years ago. It’s been growing ever since, so you should not underestimate the power of IG. Keep in mind that having a product or service is not enough, you should promote it through various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Here are the latest Instagram features that can help you easily boost sales.

Advertising in Stories

Stories are becoming more and more popular every day – on the one hand, because of their flexibility, and, on the other, because of their entertaining nature. Not surprisingly, brands are trying to use them as a new marketing tool and a worthy new alternative to regular Facebook ads. Although the trend is only gaining momentum, it is predicted to become one of the most effective advertising tools in 2021.

If you want to start using Instagram Stories to advertise your products, first of all, you should connect your Instagram account to the Facebook Ads Messenger service and select the “Show in Stories” option when creating new advertising posts.

Our Advice:

  • Count Instagram as a separate traffic source and a separate part of its marketing strategies for Instagram.
  • More precisely choose the target audience for advertising.
  • Study analytics and statistics, to understand what type of content is working most effectively.

Micro-brands and micro-influencers

As the prices of influence giants continue to rise, brands are focusing on so-called micro-influencers with accounts of up to 100,000 subscribers and even nano-influencers with audiences of up to 10,000 subscribers. These accounts are not only cheaper in terms of advertising, but also more efficient in terms of conversion.


  • Pay attention to more modest accounts. For your business, “more” does not always mean better.
  • Imagine that micro-and nano-agents of influence are your friends who just share their opinions and advice with their subscribers.
  • Try to make your long-term agreement about cooperation look natural and trustworthy.

Influencers are becoming more casual and distinctive

There is another significant change in the authorized accounts of the Instagram network that is becoming more visible. We all remember those gorgeous looks and perfect poses on celebrity social media accounts. Now you can forget about it.

The essence of the new trend is that opinion leaders of all levels become more human, and natural, reveal their real life, and stop looping over excessive editing of pictures.


  • Macro trends also influenced micro-accounts. No need to post perfect images. Be more authentic, show the real “me”!
  • it does not mean that the trend allows the use of low-quality images, it just means a more life-like and endearing style.

The rise in popularity of the Direct messenger

In 2020, Instagram’s Direct Messenger was significantly improved, and now represents a worthy alternative to other messengers. Users can forward photos, and videos, share news feeds and Stories, reply to messages and add reactions.

Hopefully, Instagram will make it easier for brands to use Direct and now we all have access to it from computers. In fact, Instagram Direct could become a standalone application, much like Facebook Messenger. You should aim to maximize your likes and follower count on Instagram. This way you may have increased your engagement rapidly.

Our Advice:

  • Use messenger for communicating with your audience and to answer possible questions.
  • Use of service to see private Instagram profile viewer.
  • Makeup strategy of using Direct (as a support tool for audience study, to increase brand loyalty).
  • Go to the analytics of your Instagram page and check how many times your content is preserved or distributed.