What is Hard Disk and Solid State Drive? HDD vs SSD

In this article, we’ll go into detail with Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD) and provide you some essential information about them.

What are SSD and HDD? How do they operate? Who must use them? What are their advantages?

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is 50 years old technology, the similar technology is still in use. Hard Disk Drive have Moving Parts and that’s why it is prone to accidents. But what are these Moving Parts? There’s a Circular Disk which is known as a Platter, and your data gets stored inside the Platter.

How does your data get to read and write through it? If you know about Gramophone, the musical ones which had similar disk and it uses to rotate circular form in a clockwise direction and the needle uses to read and write the data. Similar Hard Disk Drive works in. The More speed it gets rotated, the faster your data will get read and write. That’s the reason Hard Disk Drive has 5400 RPM (Rounds Per Minute) or 7200 RPM, which means it rotates 5400 rounds per minute or 7200 rounds per minute.

When there’s something read and write on your Hard Disk, or functioning when data is a store, you’ll hear some sound is produced. Also one of the Cons between Hard Disk Drive and Solid State Drive is, HDD is a bit bigger in physical size. It is cheaper than SSD and is old technology, so more reliable.

The Solid State Drive (SSD), has No Moving Parts. If you know the old Computer Models use to have memory sticks, a similar thing is inside an SSD. There are Memory Chips inside the SSDs, the more quantity is, the more data it will store. As there are no Moving Parts inside it, results in More Life Expectancy. Even if accidentally, SSD falls on the floor by you, it won’t affect its performance. Also, No Moving Parts means No Sound is Produced. It is 5 times or 10 times faster than Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) to get your data to read and write. There are so many advantages of an SSD over than HDD but it comes at a very expensive cost.

For example, If 2TB HDD costs around $70 then 2TB SSD will cost around $140, nearly double the price but SSD comes with more advantages.

When transferring your data, there’s only one interface that is SATA (e.g. SATA 1, SATA 2, or SATA 3) in HDD. But there are different Interfaces for SSDs like M.2 and NVMe and have faster speeds than the HDDs.

Why you should Buy Hard Disk Drive?

Firstly, Most of the applications require just storage in your PC. For example, Downloading Videos and Files from Browser, there’s nothing requirement for fast reading or writing them, so there’s no need to invest a high amount for SSD, in such case you can purchase HDD.

Why you should Buy Solid State Drive?

If you want your Windows to boot faster, Hardware to render faster your files and programs and if you are too much into the gaming field or Video Editing field, then Yes, You might need SSDs because they are way faster than HDDs and you need speed in getting your data in reading and writing. You should opt for SSD for such a case.