Digital Marketing Tips For Low ROI For Your Business

Digital marketing is a trending topic. It has taken over all other marketing strategies. It has become compulsory to make an online presence for any business if they want to expand itself.

Even though digital marketing is expensive, it is necessary for the growth of your business. But, what if you are spending a lot on digital marketing but not getting an adequate return on investment (ROI)?

The primary focus of any business is to generate revenue. They spend millions on marketing and lots of other stuff just so that they can see a good return on investment (ROI). Digital marketing is a vast field with many options, but there is already massive competition in the market.

Every business is looking for new digital marketing strategies to bring in more customers and increase their ROI.

ROI means the amount of return or profit you get back after spending on the digital marketing campaign. It is the ratio between the profit you earn and the investment you make. If your ROI is low, maybe you are not doing your digital marketing in the right way.

Many businesses spend thousands on digital marketing campaigns without the proper knowledge about it and end up losing all their money.

If you are spending a massive amount of money on digital marketing campaigns, but the results are low for your business, then you should take a look at the following tips:

Set ROI Goals

Just like your business goals, ROI goals are also necessary. While establishing business goals, we need to keep in mind many factors. Make sure that goal is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

ROI goals are also similar to business goals; however, they are somewhat complicated. Generally, a good marketing ROI is 5:1. ROI more than the ratio of 5:1 is high in most industries. Hence, set a goal that you would want to achieve and keep working till the results are not in your favor.



When setting your ROI goals, keep in mind that several factors, including your industry, market demands, and cost structure, can affect it.

Marketing ROI also depends on the type of campaign you are running. But most importantly, don’t set unrealistic goals that can affect your strategy. Focus on using analytics to achieve success and exceed the target ratio.

Automation Tools

Automation technologies are a massive move toward increasing the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies.

The tools can conduct many regular tasks. They can help reduce expenses and increase ROI. They will help your marketing team to invest lesser in workforce personnel, thus eliminating human error.

Automation tools can take away lots of stress from your head by performing several repetitive tasks such as managing email lists, and documents, prioritizing leads, predicting future investments, and lots of other stuff on its own. These can provide you and your team with more time to focus on more critical marketing decisions.

Create Valuable Content

Another factor for success in digital is the content. Your content must be user-friendly and well-formatted.

Your content should not be too big. Otherwise, the audience will get bored and skip your ad. It should not be too small that it leaves your audience with lots of doubts.

Good content, divided into parts, makes it easy to understand and creates an engaging video. List all the key points that you want your customers to know.

Look out for new ideas to present your content. When people see something new, it makes them more interested in looking around.

Reduce unorganized words so that the content stays appealing. Creating valuable content will not only increase conversion rates but also increase your content’s online visibility. You can try using different platforms for uploading content, such as using a Hubspot video.

Make Your Content User-Centric

While you make your content, keep in mind what your customers want to see. Rather than a digital marketer, think from the point of view of a customer.

Would you spend your time watching a video or reading an article that does not answer your queries? No, and neither would your customers.

Before you make your content, determine who your target audience is. Your customers are the ones who are going to boost your revenue.

Make something that your content connects to them. You can even choose to ask your viewers directly through online surveys and polls about the changes they would like to see you bring.

You can even find out what queries people are searching for through analytics. It will help you have more ideas about the topics you want to cover in your content.

Monitor Your Actions

If you are afraid of failing, you cannot succeed. It is normal to have a bad start at digital marketing as your competitors might be doing it for many years and thus have more experience. Keep monitoring your actions and learn from your own mistakes.

Keep notes of what you did last time that affected your campaign. Continue to improve yourself even if you are getting hold of your campaigns.

Beware  of Vanity Metrics

The number of followers your social media handle has or the number of likes your posts get has nothing to do with revenue. These can distract you from your ultimate goal, which is getting more sales. Instead, focus on conversion rates, revenue, repeat page views, and content shares.

However, do not avoid these metrics since these can boost the visibility of your content. Content with more likes and comments is more likely to appear on top of Google and other search engines. But your primary focus should be on factors that lead to sales, gains more customers, and gives better ROI.

Ensure that you have a call to action button that helps you generate revenue from people taking action from your video.


In today’s date, you need to have a proper digital marketing strategy if you want to generate great returns for your business. Since the content is more focused on video these days, you also need to learn the art of video selling your products and services to the audience. However, focus on all means of generating user base and content, such as written content, videos, and more.

Make sure that you can properly engage with your audience in brief but properly explained videos. Use video editing software to provide flawless videos that will drive the audience to make the sale. Also, remember to put a call to action button to convert the audience into sales and generate revenue.